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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Effect of stacking fault energy on deformation behavior of cryo-rolled copper and copper alloysBahmanpour H.; Kauffmann A.; Khoshkhoo M.S.; Youssef K.M.; Mula, Suhrit; Freudenberger J.; Eckert J.; Scattergood R.O.; Koch C.C.
2003Free volume evolution in bulk metallic glass during high temperature creepDaniel, B. S.S.; Heilmaier M.; Bartusch B.; Kanzow J.; GÃnther-Schade K.; RÃtzke K.; Eckert J.; Faupel F.
2001On the high temperature creep and relaxation behaviour of Zr-based bulk metallic glassesDaniel, B. S.S.; Heilmaier M.; Reger-Leonhard A.; Eckert J.; Schultz L.; Inoue A; Yavari A R; Johnson W; Dauskardt R
2013Polymeric frameworks as organic semiconductors with controlled electronic propertiesSakaushi K.; Nickerl G.; Kandpal, Hem Chandra; Cano-Cortés L.; Gemming T.; Eckert J.; Kaskel S.; Van Den Brink J.
2002Thermal relaxation and high temperature creep of Zr55Cu30Al10Ni5 bulk metallic glassDaniel, B. S.S.; Reger-Leonhard A.; Heilmaier M.; Eckert J.; Schultz L.