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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A New Aspect of Saturation Phenomenon in FinFETs and Its Implication on Analog CircuitsBanchhor S.; Kumar K.D.; Dwivedi A.; Anand, Bulusu
2017Improvement in analog performance in a 16-nm FinFET technology using a systematic study of saturation phenomenonDwivedi A.; Banchhor S.; Singhai A.; Anand, Bulusu
1999On the use of symbolic computations in geosciencesPratibha,; Kamal,; Singh B.; Dwivedi A.
2019Predicting Social Well-being Using Time Perspective in Emerging AdultsDwivedi A.; Rastogi R.
2020Prioritization of barriers to energy generation using pine needles to mitigate climate change: Evidence from IndiaSengar A.; Sharma, Vinay Kumar; Agrawal, Rajat; Dwivedi A.; Dwivedi P.; Joshi K.; Dixit, Gaurav; Sharma P.K.; Barthwal M.
2017Proactive Coping, Time Perspective and Life Satisfaction: A Study on Emerging AdulthoodDwivedi A.; Rastogi R.
2008Study of behaviour of ballast using geosyntheticsMittal, Satyendra; Sharma A.K.; Lokesh B.V.; Dwivedi A.; Chen Y.; Tang X.; Li G.