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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A novel nanohybrid for cancer theranostics: Folate sensitized Fe2O3 nanoparticles for colorectal cancer diagnosis and photodynamic therapyNandi R.; Mishra S.; Maji T.K.; Manna K.; Kar P.; Banerjee S.; Dutta S.; Sharma S.K.; Lemmens P.; Saha K.D.; Pal S.K.
2018An efficient approach for recognition and verification of on-line signatures using PSODutta S.; Saini R.; Kumar P.; Roy P.P.
2013An experimental study on flow past an equilateral triangular prism at intermediate reynolds number and the effect of its orientationAgrawal N.; Dutta S.; Gandhi B.K.
2020Anisotropic magnetoelectric functionality of ferromagnetic shape memory alloy heterostructures for MEMS magnetic sensorsKumar A.; Pawar S.; Pey A.; Dutta S.; Kaur D.
2014Chern-Simons superconductorBanerjee N.; Dutta S.; Roychowdhury D.
2012Development and characterization of microwave composite claddingGupta D.; Bhovi P.M.; Sharma A.K.; Dutta S.
2015Development of Ba0.95Sr0.05(Fe0.5Nb0.5)O3/poly(vinylidene fluoride) nanocomposites for energy storagePatel P.K.; Yadav K.L.; Dutta S.
2017Effect of attached type splitter plate length over a square prism in subcritical Reynolds numberChauhan M.K.; More B.S.; Dutta S.; Gandhi B.K.
2004Effect of orientation on the wake of a square cylinder at low Reynolds numbersDutta S.; Panigrahi P.K.; Muralidhar K.
2011Effects of delta-shaped obstacles on the thermal performance of solar air heaterBekele A.; Mishra M.; Dutta S.
2018Electrical and structural characteristics of sputtered c-oriented AlN thin films on Si (100) and Si (110) substratesPey A.; Kaushik J.; Dutta S.; Kapoor A.K.; Kaur D.
2014Entropy current for non-relativistic fluidBanerjee N.; Dutta S.; Jain A.; Roychowdhury D.
2016Experimental investigation of flow field behind triangular prisms at intermediate Reynolds number with different apex anglesAgrwal N.; Dutta S.; Gandhi B.K.
2015Experimental investigation of flow field behind two tandem square cylinders with oscillating upstream cylinderMore B.S.; Dutta S.; Chauhan M.K.; Gandhi B.K.
2018Experimental investigation of flow over a square cylinder with an attached splitter plate at intermediate reynolds numberChauhan M.K.; Dutta S.; More B.S.; Gandhi B.K.
2016Experimental Investigation of Flow over a Transversely Oscillating Square Cylinder at Intermediate Reynolds NumberChauhan M.K.; Dutta S.; Gandhi B.K.; More B.S.
2008Experimental investigation of flow past a square cylinder at an angle of incidenceDutta S.; Panigrahi P.K.; Muralidhar K.
2019Flow field investigation behind a trapezoidal rib and the effect of the synthetic jetDutta S.; Malik A.
2018Growth and Comparison of Residual Stress of AlN Films on Silicon (100), (110) and (111) SubstratesPey A.; Dutta S.; Prakash R.; Raman R.; Kapoor A.K.; Kaur D.
2016Growth and evolution of residual stress of AlN films on silicon (100) waferPey A.; Dutta S.; Prakash R.; Dalal S.; Raman R.; Kapoor A.K.; Kaur D.