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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effect of heavy metals on oxidative markers and semen quality parameters in HF crossbred bullsChand N.; Tyagi S.; Prasad R.; Dutta D.; Sirohi A.S.; Sharma A.; Tyagi R.
2003Imprint of Himalayan orogeny on pan African granitoid intrusives: Evidence from Dhaoladhar granite NW Himalaya, IndiaVijan A.R.; Dutta D.; Singh M.P.; Ghosh N.; Rathorel S.S.; Uniyal A.K.
2009Molecular dissection of antibody responses against pneumococcal surface protein A: Evidence for diverse DH-less heavy chain gene usage and avidity maturationRohatgi S.; Dutta D.; Tahir S.; Sehgal D.
1994Surface thermal anomalies associated with underground fires in Jharia coal minesPrakash A.; Saraf A. K.; Gupta R. P.; Dutta D.; Sundaram R. M.