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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Anthraquinone and Tween 20 based kraft pulping technology for L. leucocephala and C. equisetifoliaPoonam; Dutt Dharm
2015Bio-bleaching of Anthocephalus cadamba kraft pulp through direct fungal treatment by FEQP sequenceLal Mohan; Dutt Dharm; Kumar Amit; Gautam Archana
2020Bio-pulping: An energy saving and environment-friendly approachKumar Amit; Gautam Archana; Dutt Dharm
2019Biochemical characterization of endo β-1,4 glucanase activity present in crude enzyme obtained from Penicillium citrinum NCIM-1398Biswas Pallavi; Dutt Dharm
2019Biochemical characterization of endo β-1,4 glucanase activity present in crude enzyme obtained from Talaromyces aculeatum NCIM-1399Biswas Pallavi; Dutt Dharm
2016Biotechnological Transformation of Lignocellulosic Biomass in to Industrial Products: An OverviewKumar Amit; Gautam Archana; Dutt Dharm
2013Characterization of dogs tooth grass and its delignification by soda pulping processDutt Dharm; Arvind Kumar Sharma; Swarnima Agnihotri; Gautam Archana
2013Comparative exploration of medicinal and photosynthetic occurrences of Coriandrum sativum, Mentha piperita and Spinacia oleraceaShubhangi Singh; Dutt Dharm
2012Effect of xylanases from C. disseminatus SW-1 NTCC-1165 on pulp and effluent characteristics during CEHH bleaching of soda-AQ bagasse pulpSwarnima Agnihotri; Dutt Dharm; Kumar Amit
2016Effects of Ethanol Addition and Biological Pretreatment on Soda Pulping of Eulaliopsis binataKumar Amit; Gautam Archana; Dutt Dharm
2016Enhanced production of xylanase from white-rot fungus C. ceneria RM-1NFCCI 3086 by standardization of nutrient salt solutionPoonam Maan; Dutt Dharm; A.K. Vidyarthi
2018Exploitation of Parthenium hysterophorous biomass as low-cost substrate for cellulase and xylanase production under solid-state fermentation using Talaromyces stipitatus MTCC 12687Kumar Amit Bharti; Kumar Amit; Alok Kumar; Dutt Dharm
2012Kinetics of delignification of bast fibers of jute plant (Corcorus capsularis) in alkaline pulpingPandey Laxman K.; Bansal M.C.; Pathak Puneet; Dutt Dharm; Kumar Vivek; Kumar Amit
2015Optimization of submerged fermentation conditions for two xylanase producers Coprinellus disseminates MLK-01NTCC-1180 and MLK-07NTCC-1181and their biochemical characterizationLal Mohan; Dutt Dharm; Kumar Amit; Gautam Archana
2015Phenolic acids from Parthenium hysterophorus: Evaluation of bioconversion potential as free radical scavengers and anticancer agentsPanwar Richa; Sharma A.; Dutt Dharm; Pruthi Vikas
2016Pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of pearl millet stover by multi-enzymes from Aspergillus nidulans AKB-25Kumar Amit; Dutt Dharm; Gautam Archana
2017Reduction in pollution load in terms of AOX by using xylanase enzyme in bio-bleaching studies of E. equisetifoliaMann Poonam; Dutt Dharm
2015Screening of fungal resources for the production of cellulases and xylanasesKumar Amit; Gautam Archana; Dutt Dharm
2016Screening of important factors for xylanase and cellulase production from the fungus C. cinerea RM-1 NFCCI-3086 through Plackett-Burman experimental designMaan Poonam; Bharti A.K.; Gautam S.; Dutt Dharm
2013Screening of xylanases from indigenously isolated white rot fungal strains for possible application in pulp biobleachingShalini Singh; Dutt Dharm; Tyagi C.H.