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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Closed-form delay and crosstalk models for RLC on-chip interconnects using a matrix rational approximationRoy, Sourajeet; Dounavis A.
2012Delay-extraction-based waveform relaxation algorithm for fast transient analysis of power distribution networksRoy, Sourajeet; Dounavis A.
2011Efficient delay and crosstalk modeling of RLC interconnects using delay algebraic equationsRoy, Sourajeet; Dounavis A.
2010Efficient macromodeling of power distribution planes using delay extraction based transmission line representationRoy S.; Dounavis A.
2011Efficient modeling of power/ground planes using delay-extraction-based transmission linesRoy, Sourajeet; Dounavis A.
2013Electromagnetic interference analysis of multiconductor transmission line networks using longitudinal partitioning-based waveform relaxation algorithmRoy, Sourajeet; Beygi A.; Dounavis A.
2012Fast electromagnetic interference analysis of distributed networks using longitudinal partitioning based waveform relaxationRoy S.; Beygi A.; Dounavis A.
2013Hybrid approach for accelerated convergence of waveform relaxation based simulation of package/board power distribution networksRoy S.; Dounavis A.
2011Longitudinal partitioning based waveform relaxation algorithm for transient analysis of long delay transmission linesRoy S.; Dounavis A.
2012Longitudinal-partitioning-based waveform relaxation algorithm for efficient analysis of distributed transmission-line networksRoy, Sourajeet; Dounavis A.; Beygi A.
2013Macromodeling of multilayered power distribution networks based on multiconductor transmission line approachRoy, Sourajeet; Dounavis A.
2013Parallel transient simulation of package/board power distribution networks based on a 2-d overlapping partitioning methodologyRoy, Sourajeet; Dounavis A.
2010Parameterized model order reduction of power distribution planesAhmadloo M.; Roy S.; Dounavis A.
2009RLC interconnect modeling using delay algebraic equationsRoy S.; Dounavis A.
2011Transient simulation of distributed networks using delay extraction based numerical convolutionRoy, Sourajeet; Dounavis A.
2011Waveform relaxation based analysis of noise propagation in power distribution networksRoy S.; Dounavis A.
2012Waveform relaxation with overlapping based partitioning for fast transient simulation of package/board power distribution networksRoy S.; Dounavis A.