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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016 A Study on e-waste management practices in India: A literature review and synthesisKumar A.; Dixit G.
2008Ab initio relativistic many-body calculation of hyperfine splittings of C 113 d+Dixit G.; Nataraj, Huliyar S.; Sahoo B.K.; Chaudhuri R.K.; Majumder S.
2019An Amalgamation of Deep Learning and Feature Engineering for Evaluating Instances of Socio-operational Crisis through Tweets.Dixit G.; Kushwaha A. K.
2012An Investigation on the Factors for Software Development Methodology SelectionDixit G.; Dey S.
2016Analyzing the Link between India VIX and CBOE VIX: Prediction Modelling with Artificial Neural Network.Dixit G.; Phophliya M. K.; Singh P.; Saxena S.
2012Competition in two-sided markets: An Extension of Armstrong's Competitive Bottlenecks model.Dixit G.
2019Detecting and Prioritizing Operational Crisis Situations Using Twitter: A case of EVM Glitches in India.Dixit G.; Kushwaha A. K.
2018E-Channel Alternatives: How do consumers decide on e-channel choice & useChaudhary V.; Dixit G.
2018Examine the causal relationship among enablers of sustainable WEEE management using DEMATEL approach.Kumar A.; Dixit G.
2016Factors Affecting the Municipal Solid Waste Management.Kumar A.; Dixit G.; Prabhakar D.
2013Information Technology Impact and Role of Firm Age and Export Activity.Dixit G.; Panigrahi P.
2013Investigating determinants of information technology investments by indian firmsDixit G.; Panigrahi P.
2016Mobile Commerce Research for Individual, Business and Society: Review, Extension & Suggestions for Future ResearchAgrawal H.; Dixit G.
2015Mobile Commerce Research for Individual, Society and Business.Agrawal H.; Dixit G.
2017Perceived privacy and security risk concerns towards e-commerce: An empirical studyDixit G.; Chaudhary V.
2021Physio-chemical and mineralogical characteristics of gas hydrate-bearing sediments of the Kerala-Konkan, Krishna-Godavari, and Mahanadi basinsKumari A.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Arora A.; Dixit G.; Gomari S.R.
2012Predicting India Volatility Index (VIX): An application of artificial neural networkDixit G.; Roy D.; Uppal N.
2017Recycling partner selection on the basis green competencies using hybrid MCDM approach.Kumar A.; Dixit G.
2008Relativistic calculations of the lifetimes and hyperfine structure constants in 67Zn+Dixit G.; Nataraj, Huliyar S.; Sahoo B.K.; Chaudhuri R.K.; Majumder S.
2013Role of Firm Ownership and Financial Leverage in Determining Information Technology Impact on Organizational Outcomes.Dixit G.; Panigrahi P.