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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A qualitative and quantitative assay to study DNA/drug interaction based on sequence selective inhibition of restriction endonucleasesHassan S.A.; Chauhan L.; Barthwal, Ritu.; Dixit A.
2020Adaptive market hypothesis and investor sentiments: global evidenceTripathi, Abhinava; Vipul; Dixit A.
2019Development and evaluation of a new "Snow Water Index (SWI)" for accurate snow cover delineationDixit A.; Goswami, Ajanta; Jain S.
2021Information content of order imbalance in an order-driven market: Indian EvidenceTripathi, Abhinava; Dixit A.; Vipul
2020Limit order books: a systematic review of literatureTripathi, Abhinava; Vipul V.; Dixit A.
2020Liquidity commonality beyond best prices: Indian evidenceTripathi, Abhinava; Vipul; Dixit A.
2021Liquidity commonality in extreme quantiles: Indian evidenceTripathi, Abhinava; Dixit A.; Vipul
2020Liquidity of financial markets: a reviewTripathi, Abhinava; Dixit A.; Vipul V.
2008Performance analysis of call outage in CDMA communication network for soft handoffDixit A.; Sharma, Subhash Chander
2017Validation of computer code ‘ATMIKA’ against RD-14M Small Break LOCA experimentsDixit A.; Yadav S.K.; Kumar N.; Khan T.A.; Hajela S.; Singhal, Mukesh Kumar