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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A hybrid decision model for supplier selection in Online Fashion Retail (OFR)Kaushik V.; Kumar A.; Gupta H.; Dixit, Gaurav
2019A novel hybrid MCDM framework for WEEE recycling partner evaluation on the basis of green competenciesKumar A.; Dixit, Gaurav
2018An analysis of barriers affecting the implementation of e-waste management practices in India: A novel ISM-DEMATEL approachKumar A.; Dixit, Gaurav
2020Development of a framework for selecting a sustainable location of waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling plant in emerging economiesKumar A.; Wasan P.; Luthra S.; Dixit, Gaurav
2018Evaluating critical barriers to implementation of WEEE management using DEMATEL approachKumar A.; Dixit, Gaurav
2020ICT Platform-Enabled Socio-Economic Ecosystem in Himalayan Villages of India: The Case of a Forest Protection and Renewable Energy Production ProjectDixit, Gaurav; Joshi K.K.; Sharma, Vinay Kumar; Sharma S.K.; Dwivedi Y.K.; Metri B.; Rana N.P.
2018Impact of business analytics on organizational outcomes: Role of analytical insights and usageSrivastava S.; Dixit, Gaurav
2014Information technology impact and role of firm age and export activity: An emerging economy contextDixit, Gaurav; Panigrahi P.
2020Information Technology Usage and Cognitive Engagement: Understanding Effects on Users’ Cognitive ProcessesAgarwal H.; Dixit, Gaurav; Sharma S.K.; Dwivedi Y.K.; Metri B.; Rana N.P.
2020Modelling and prioritizing the factors for online apparel return using BWM approachKaushik V.; Kumar A.; Gupta H.; Dixit, Gaurav
2020Prioritization of barriers to energy generation using pine needles to mitigate climate change: Evidence from IndiaSengar A.; Sharma, Vinay Kumar; Agrawal, Rajat; Dwivedi A.; Dwivedi P.; Joshi K.; Dixit, Gaurav; Sharma P.K.; Barthwal M.
2020Trusting Social Media News: Role of Social Influence and Emotions Using EEG as a Brain Imaging ToolDixit, Gaurav; Bose S.; Sharma S.K.; Dwivedi Y.K.; Metri B.; Rana N.P.