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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A new hybrid self organizing migrating genetic algorithm for function optimizationDeep K.; Dipti
2008A self-organizing migrating genetic algorithm for constrained optimizationDeep K.; Dipti
2015Electron impact excitation and polarization studies of Fe-like W48+ to Al-like W61+ ionsDipti; Das T.; Sharma L.; Srivastava R.
2016Electron-molecule scattering with analytic static potential approachDipti; Sharma L.; Srivastava R.; Stauffer A.; Elster C.; Roberts C.D.; Phillips D.R.
2015Fully relativistic electron impact excitation cross-section and polarization for tungsten ionsPriti; Dipti; Sharma L.; Srivastava R.
2014L-shell electron excitations of Mg- through O-like tungsten ionsDipti; Das T.; Sharma L.; Srivastava R.