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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Advances in discrete element method application to grinding millsRajamani R.K.; Rashidi S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2016Beneficiation studies of a difficult to treat iron ore using conventional and microwave roastingRath S.S.; Dhawan, Nikhil; Rao D.S.; Das B.; Mishra B.K.
2019Carbothermal Reduction of Spent Mobile Phones Batteries for the Recovery of Lithium, Cobalt, and Manganese ValuesPindar S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2020Carbothermic Microwave Processing for the Enrichment of Iron Ore FinesAgrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2013Characteristics of nickel laterite crushed ore agglomeratesJanwong A.; Dhawan, Nikhil; Vethsodsakda T.; Moats M.S.
2020Characterization and evaluation of discarded hard disc drives for recovery of copper and rare earth valuesTanvar H.; Barnwal A.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2021Characterization and Evaluation of Recycling Potential for Discarded LaptopsMir S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2021Characterization and recycling potential of the discarded cathode ray tube monitorsPindar S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2015Characterization and removal of iron from pyrophyllite ore for industrial applicationsJena S.K.; Singh S.; Rao D.S.; Dhawan, Nikhil; Misra P.K.; Das B.
2011Coarse particle fracture with the ultrafast load cellTuzcu E.T.; Dhawan, Nikhil; Rajamani R.K.
2008Comparative study of effect of various reducing agents on size and shape of gold nanoparticlesKumar A.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2020Comparative study of low-grade banded iron ores for iron recoveryAgrawal S.; Rayapudi V.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2018Comparison of different routes for recovery of metals from electronic scrapBarnwal A.; Vishvakarma S.; Dhawan, Nikhil; Meka S.R.; Chaudhari G.P.
2019Comparison of microwave and conventional carbothermal reduction of red mud for recovery of iron valuesAgrawal S.; Rayapudi V.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2020Comparison of Microwave and Conventional Indigenous Carbothermal Reduction for Recycling of Discarded Lithium-Ion BatteriesPindar S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2013Crushed ore agglomeration and its control for heap leach operationsDhawan, Nikhil; Safarzadeh M.S.; Miller J.D.; Moats M.S.; Rajamani R.K.
2008Embedding of carbon nanotubes on p-type silicon for use in solar cells and PV devicesKumar A.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2020Evaluation of alkali processing for the recycling of rare earth values from spent fluorescent lampsShukla N.; Tanvar H.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2020Evaluation of carbothermal reduction for processing of banded hematite jasper oreRayapudi V.; Agrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2020Evaluation of carbothermal reduction for processing of banded hematite quartzite iron oreRayapudi V.; Dhawan, Nikhil