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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Comparative study of NaTiO2 and NaNiO2 using first principle calculationsDhariwal M.; Maitra, Tulika; Singh I.
2014Competing electronic states in high temperature phase of NaTiO2Dhariwal M.; Pisani L.; Maitra, Tulika
2012Orbital order in NaTiO 2: A first principles studyDhariwal M.; Maitra, Tulika; Singh I.; Koley S.; Taraphder A.
2012Study of spinless Falicov-Kimball model on a square lattice away from half-fillingDhariwal M.; Yadav U.K.; Maitra, Tulika; Singh I.
2012Thermodynamics of a spinless, extended Falicov-Kimball model on a triangular latticeYadav U.K.; Dhariwal M.; Maitra, Tulika; Singh I.