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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A comparative experimental investigation of electric discharge machining process variantsDhakar K.; Dvivedi, Akshay
2019An environment-friendly and sustainable machining method: near-dry EDMDhakar K.; Chaudhary K.; Dvivedi, Akshay; Bembalge O.
2016Experimental investigation on effects of dielectric mediums in near-dry electric discharge machiningDhakar K.; Dvivedi, Akshay; Dhiman, Amit Kumar
2017Experimental Investigation on Near-dry EDM using Glycerin-Air Mixture as Dielectric MediumDhakar K.; Dvivedi, Akshay
2015Near-dry electrical discharge machining of stainless steelDhakar K.; Pundir H.; Dvivedi, Akshay; Kumar, Pradeep
2016Parametric Evaluation on Near-Dry Electric Discharge MachiningDhakar K.; Dvivedi, Akshay
2015Parametric investigation and optimization of near-dry electrical discharge machiningPandey H.; Dhakar K.; Dvivedi, Akshay; Kumar, Pradeep