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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Analysis of environmental co-benefits of transportation sub-system of DelhiPanwar M.; Singh D.K.; Devadas, Varuvel
2018Analyzing land surface temperature trends using non-parametric approach: A case of Delhi, IndiaPanwar M.; Agarwal A.; Devadas, Varuvel
2008Assessing informal waste recycling in Kanpur City, IndiaZia H.; Devadas, Varuvel; Shukla S.
2007Energy management in Lucknow cityZia H.; Devadas, Varuvel
2019Integration of GIS, AHP and TOPSIS in evaluating suitable locations for industrial development: A case of Tehri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand, IndiaRamya S.; Devadas, Varuvel
1997Linear programming model for optimum resource allocation in rural systemsDevadas, Varuvel
1997Microlevel planning: Part I - Forecasting future scenariosDevadas, Varuvel
1997Microlevel planning: Part II - Impact analysis through scenariosDevadas, Varuvel
2017Modelling the dynamics of economic development driven by agricultural growth in Patna Region, IndiaKumari R.; Devadas, Varuvel
2007Municipal solid waste management in Kanpur, India: Obstacles and prospectsZia H.; Devadas, Varuvel
2001Planning for rural energy system: Part IDevadas, Varuvel
2001Planning for rural energy system: Part IIDevadas, Varuvel
2001Planning for rural energy system: Part IIIDevadas, Varuvel
2005Relative inequality in energy resource consumption: A case of Kanvashram village, Pauri Garhwal district, Uttranchall (India)Fernandez, Eugene; Saini, R. P.; Devadas, Varuvel
1997Rural system model for microlevel developmentDevadas, Varuvel
2021Sustainable Infrastructure Planning by Using Carrying Capacity Assessment in Gwalior CityBhagwat J.M.; Devadas, Varuvel; Iyer-Raniga U.
2021System dynamic modelling for assessing the vulnerability of water resources: a case of Chennai City, Tamil Nadu, IndiaRajarethinam K.; Devadas, Varuvel; Bagodi V.
2008Urban solid waste management in Kanpur: Opportunities and perspectivesZia H.; Devadas, Varuvel
2021Water lettuce for the improvement of river water quality in pune metropolitan areaBhagwat J.M.; Devadas, Varuvel; Mahajan B.V.; Pathak K.K.; Bandara J.M.; Agrawal R.
2021Water Resilience in the Indian Context: Definitions, Policies, Approaches and GapsRajarethinam K.; Devadas, Varuvel