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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Classification of extension and flexion positions of thumb, index and middle fingers using EEG SignalJoseph, Felix Orlando Maria; Gupta S.; Rastogi C.; Mirdha R.R.; Puwar A.; Maheshwari U.; Pahariya A.; De A.; Mishra V.K.
2002Comparative studies on inter- and intramolecular electron transfer processes within 4-methoxybenzo[b]thiophene (4MBT) and p-chloroacetophenone (PCA) reacting systems by using steady-state and laser flash photolysis techniquesMaiti, Moumita; Misra T.; Bhattacharya T.; Basu C.; De A.; Sarkar S.K.; Ganguly T.
2016Effect of Building Loads on the Stability of Hill SlopesRaj D.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Farid A.; Reddy K.R.; Yesiller N.; De A.; Zekkos D.
2016Numerical Modelling of Prestressed Geogrid Reinforced Soil for Adjacent Square FootingDas S.K.; Samadhiya, Narendra Kumar; Farid A.; Reddy K.R.; Yesiller N.; De A.; Zekkos D.
1999Photophysics of 4-methoxy-benzo[b]thiophene in different environments. Its role in non-radiative transitions both as an electron and as an energy donorMaiti, Moumita; Sinha S.; Deb C.; De A.; Ganguly T.