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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A biotechnological approach for degradation of inhibitory compounds present in lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysate liquor using Bordetella sp. BTIITRSingh B.; Verma A.; Pooja; Mandal, Prabhat Kumar; Datta S.
2017A note on non-splitting Z-bent functionsGangopadhyay, Sugata; Pasalic E.; Stănică P.; Datta S.
2017Control of drop impact and proposal of pseudosuperhydrophobicity using electrostaticsPal S.; Miqdad A.M.; Datta S.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2016Effect of electrostatic incitation on the wetting mode of a nano-drop over a pillar-arrayed surfaceMiqdad A.M.; Datta S.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2021FD Cell-Free mMIMO: Analysis and OptimizationDatta S.; Sharma, Ekant; Amudala D.N.; Budhiraja R.; Panwar S.S.
2017Influence of surface contact angle on uphill motion of droplets due to electostatic actuationDatta S.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2019Investigation of droplet coalescence propelled by dielectrophoresisDatta S.; Ma Y.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2014Investigation of upward climbing motion of a droplet over an inclined surface using electrowettingDatta S.; Sharma M.; Das, Arup Kumar
2019Manipulation of Droplets by Electrostatic Actuation and the Related HydrodynamicsDatta S.; Kumar P.; Das, Arup Kumar
2016Modeling and Simulation of a Pilot-Scale Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier for the Gasification of High Ash Indian Coal Using Eulerian Granular ApproachSingh G.K.; Mohanty, Bikash; Mondal, Prasenjit; Chavan P.; Datta S.
2018Molecular dynamic study of boiling heat transfer over structured surfacesMukherjee S.; Datta S.; Das, Arup Kumar
2020Power Scaling for Massive MIMO UAV Communication SystemDatta S.; Sharma, Ekant; Budhiraja R.
2020Selective enrichment of milk fat globules using functionalized polyvinylidene fluoride membraneVerma A.; Sharma A.K.; Agarwal A.; Datta S.; Ambatipudi, Kiran S.
2019Study of Electric Field-Induced Evaporation Like Process and Nucleation in NanoscaleDarshan M.B.; Agarwal P.; Indana D.; Datta S.; Kumar R.; Das, Arup Kumar
2016Unravelling Electrostatic Actuation on Inclined and Humped Surfaces: Effect of Substrate Contact AngleDatta S.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2015Uphill Movement of Sessile Droplets by Electrostatic ActuationDatta S.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2016Wetting behaviour of a translating sessile nanodrop under electrostatic actuationDatta S.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.