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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A compact analytical model for a gaussian doped nanoscale MOSFET and evidence for diminished Short Channel EffectsDatta D.; Dasgupta, Sudeb
2007Low band-to-band tunnelling and gate tunnelling current in novel nanoscale double-gate architecture: Simulations and investigationDatta D.; Ganguly S.; Dasgupta, Sudeb
2008Modeling of leakage current mechanisms in nanoscale DG MOSFET and its application to low power SRAM designSarkar D.; Datta D.; Dasgupta, Sudeb
2007Modeling of leakages in nano-scale DG MOSFET to implement low power SRAM: A device/circuit co-designSarkar D.; Ganguly S.; Datta D.; Sarab A.A.P.; Dasgupta, Sudeb
2006Nanoscale device architecture to reduce leakage currents through quantum-mechanical simulationSarab A.A.P.; Datta D.; Dasgupta, Sudeb
2006Novel nanoscale device architecture to reduce leakage currents in logic circuits: A quantum-mechanical studyDatta D.; Ganguly S.; Dasgupta, Sudeb; Prasad Sarab A.A.
2018Quantitative model for switching asymmetry in perpendicular MTJ: A material-device-circuit co-designDatta D.; Dixit H.; Agarwal S.; Dasgupta, Avirup; Tran M.; Houssameddine D.; Chauhan Y.S.; Shum D.; Benistant F.
2005Two dimensional numerical modeling of lightly doped nanoscale double-gate MOSFETDatta D.; Prasad Sarab A.A.; Dasgupta, Sudeb
2006Two-dimensional numerical modeling of lightly doped nano-scale double-gate MOSFETDatta D.; Sarab A.A.P.; Dasgupta, Sudeb