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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A novel gate-assisted reverse-read scheme to control bit coupling and read disturb for multibit/cell operation in deeply scaled split-gate SONOS flash EEPROM cellsDatta, Arnab; Asnani R.; Mahapatra S.
2021A Thermal Circuit Representing Frequency Dependent Dynamic Heating between Electron and Lattice in SOI-FinFETKumar V.; Dasgupta, Sudeb; Datta, Arnab
2007Dual-bit/cell SONOS flash EEPROMs: Impact of channel engineering on programming speed and bit coupling effectDatta, Arnab; Kumar P.B.; Mahapatra S.
2021Eight-Level/Cell Storage by Tuning the Spatial Distribution of Dielectrics in a Tri-Layer ReRAM Cell: Electrical Characteristics and ReliabilityVishwakarma K.; Kishore R.; Datta, Arnab
2019Field Stress Influenced Conduction Behavior of Narrow Diameter Gate-All-Around (GAA) Silicon Nanowire n-MOSFETSharma D.K.; Goud R.K.; Datta, Arnab; Manhas, Sanjeev Kumar
2012GaAs based long-wavelength microring resonator optical switches utilising bias assisted carrier-injection induced refractive index changeRavindran S.; Datta, Arnab; Alameh K.; Lee Y.T.
2021Impact of Bias Temperature Stress on IGZO/Ni/IGZO Steep Subthreshold Vertical Current Driver Fabricated at Room TemperatureKishore R.; Vishwakarma K.; Datta, Arnab
2016Impact of Dielectric Resistive Heater, Bottom Contact and Reading Scheme on the Reliability of Nanoscale Low Power Phase Change Memory (PCM) Cell: 3-D-ADI ModelingJagtiani S.; Datta, Arnab
2021Impact of Nonuniform Ozone Anneal Treatment on the Resistance Levels in an IGZO-ReRAM Fabricated on ITO-Coated Glass SubstrateKishore R.; Vishwakarma K.; Datta, Arnab
2019Impact of varying strain energy in oxide on random telegraph noise and associated time constants in silicon nanowire pMOSFETsSharma D.K.; Datta, Arnab
2019LSPR Excitation on Au Nanorings From Integrated Hybrid Plasmonic Aperture Waveguide and Its Application in Methanol Detection in the IR-BandSingh M.; Datta, Arnab
2017Modeling and Analysis of Vertical p-n Junction, Graded Bandgap AlfGa1-fAs Rectangular-Slab and Cylindrical Solar Cells on Elevated GaAs Ridge and WireKashyap B.; Datta, Arnab
2018Modeling of a vertical hybrid plasmonic switch with VO2 fin bragg gratingSingh M.; Datta, Arnab
2018Modeling of CMOS compatible ring resonator switch with intermediate vanadium oxide as the switching elementSingh M.; Datta, Arnab; Shekhawat M.S.; Bhardwaj S.; Suthar B.
2020Oxide edge trap density extraction in silicon nanowire MOSFET from tunnel current noise measurement in gated diode like arrangementKumar Sharma D.; Datta, Arnab
2019Rate limited filament formation in Al-ZnO-Al bipolar ReRAM cells and its impact on early current window closure during cyclingChauhan A.K.S.; Sharma D.K.; Datta, Arnab
2021Sub-pico-second hole generation lifetime in thin film IGZO sputtered and annealed on P-silicon substrateKishore R.; Vishwakarma K.; Datta, Arnab
2020Symmetric linear rise and fall of conductance in a trilayer stack engineered RERAM-based synapseVishwakarma K.; Datta, Arnab; Kishore R.
2015Vertical Ge and GeSn heterojunction gate-all-around tunneling field effect transistorsSchulze J.; Blech A.; Datta, Arnab; Fischer I.A.; Hähnel D.; Naasz S.; Rolseth E.; Tropper E.-M.