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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20123-D lattice boltzmann model for asymmetric taylor bubble and taylor drop in inclined channelGhosh S.; Patil P.; Mishra S.C.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2017Air entrainment driven by a converging rotational field in a viscous liquidKumar P.; Das, Arup Kumar; Mitra S.K.
2014Analysis of conduction-radiation heat transfer in a 2D enclosure using the lattice boltzmann methodMishra S.C.; Poonia H.; Das, Arup Kumar; Asinari P.; Borchiellini R.
2011Analysis of non-Fourier heat conduction using smoothed particle hydrodynamicsVishwakarma V.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2018Assessment of suitability for hemodynamic levitated centrifugal pump as left ventricular assist deviceKannojiya V.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K. (Conference); Massarotti N.; Nithiarasu P.; Dutta P.; Ranganayakulu C.
2016Asymmetric bursting of taylor bubble in inclined tubesRana B.K.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2017Bending and growth of entrained air filament under converging and asymmetric rotational fieldsKumar P.; Das, Arup Kumar; Mitra S.K.
2013Bubble evolution and necking at a submerged orifice for the complete range of orifice tiltDas, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2016Coalescence of sessile microdroplets subject to a wettability gradient on a solid surfaceAhmadlouydarab M.; Lan C.; Das, Arup Kumar; Ma Y.
2016Collapse of a taylor bubble at a free surfaceRana B.K.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2017Collapse of a Taylor bubble at free surface: An experimental investigationRana B.K.; Paikara L.S.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2021Comparative assessment of different versions of axial and centrifugal LVADs: A reviewKannojiya V.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2018Computational simulation of radially asymmetric hydraulic jumps and jump–jump interactionsSingh D.; Das, Arup Kumar
2013Conduction in composite slabs: Reliability of 1-D and 2-D calculationsSharma, A. K.; Agarwal V.; Das, Arup Kumar; Ghosh S.; Das P.K.
2019Consequences of Inclined and Dual Jet Impingement in Stagnant Liquid and Stratified LayersJain A.; Sanjay V.; Das, Arup Kumar
2017Control of drop impact and proposal of pseudosuperhydrophobicity using electrostaticsPal S.; Miqdad A.M.; Datta S.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2021Design of two-stage branching for inertial separation of particulate mixtureKumar G.P.; Das, Arup Kumar
2021Dynamics of disturbance waves in an adiabatic coaxial gas-liquid annular flowSilvi L.D.; Chandraker D.K.; Ghosh, Sumana; Das, Arup Kumar
2021Dynamics of inner gas during the bursting of a bubble at the free surfaceSingh D.; Das, Arup Kumar
2018Dynamics of jets produced by bursting bubblesDeike L.; Ghabache E.; Liger-Belair G.; Das, Arup Kumar; Zaleski S.; Popinet S.; SÃon T.