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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Accumulative roll bonding of wrought magnesium alloyNayaka H.S.; Daniel, B. S.S.; Chaudhari, G. P.
2007Aluminum melt foam processing for light-weight structuresRaj R.E.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2012Application of graphene oxide and TiO2 in the fabrication of dye sensitized solar cells module by electrode modificationPrakash S.K.; Singh H.; Panjiar H.; Manhas, Sanjeev Kumar; Daniel, B. S.S.
2016Cellulose powder treatment on Cissus quadrangularis stem fiber-reinforcement in unsaturated polyester matrix compositesIndran S.; Raj R.E.; Daniel, B. S.S.; Saravanakumar S.S.
2015Characterization of microstructural, mechanical and thermal properties and ageing study of Th-3 wt.% U alloyDas S.; Kumar R.; Kaity S.; Neogy S.; Hareendran K.N.; Roy S.B.; Dey G.K.; Daniel, B. S.S.; Chaudhari, G. P.
2016Characterization of microstructural, mechanical and thermophysical properties of Th-52U alloyDas S.; Kaity S.; Kumar R.; Banerjee J.; Roy S.B.; Chaudhari, G. P.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2009Comparison of quasi-static and dynamic compression behavior of closed-cell aluminum foamEdwin Raj R.; Parameswaran V.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2017Comprehensive characterization of industrially discarded fruit fiber, Tamarindus indica L. as a potential eco-friendly bio-reinforcement for polymer compositeBinoj J.S.; Edwin Raj R.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2012Conductivity measurement of calcia stabilized zirconia prepared by mechanical routePrasad R.R.; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar; Puri D.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2012Correlation of mechanical and microstructural properties in SMAW welded Cr-Mo boiler steels subjected to different post weld heat treatment soaking timesAhmed S.R.; Agarwal L.A.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2016Critical Parameters Affecting Mechanical Behavior of Natural Fiber Reinforced PlasticsSinghal A.V.; Debnath K.; Singh, Inderdeep; Daniel, B. S.S.
2009Cryogenically synthesized mechanically alloyed calcia stabilized zirconiaPrasad R.R.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2011Customization of closed-cell aluminum foam properties using design of experimentsEdwin Raj R.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2006Development of nanograined metallic materials by bulk and coating techniquesAgarwala V.; Agarwala R.C.; Daniel, B. S.S.
1995Directed melt oxidation and nitridation of aluminium alloys: a comparisonDaniel, B. S.S.; Murthy V.S.R.
2015Effect of Different Post Weld Heat Treatments on the Mechanical properties of Cr-Mo Boiler Steel Welded with SMAW ProcessAhmed S.R.; Agarwal L.A.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2012Effect of reinforcing phase inherited from another composite on the mechanical properties of cast magnesium base compositeShivalingappa D.; Daniel, B. S.S.; Ray S.
2003Free volume evolution in bulk metallic glass during high temperature creepDaniel, B. S.S.; Heilmaier M.; Bartusch B.; Kanzow J.; GÃnther-Schade K.; RÃtzke K.; Eckert J.; Faupel F.
2012Grain growth kinetics of accumulative roll bonded AZ61 alloyNayaka H.S.; Chaudhari, G. P.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2012Highly tunable compositionally graded (1-x)Ba(Zr 0.2Ti 0.8)O 3-x(Ba 0.7Ca 0.3)TiO 3 multilayer with low temperature capacitance coefficientsBhardwaj C.; Daniel, B. S.S.; Kaur, Davinder