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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015An Ontology-Based Approach for Test Case ReuseDalal S.; Kumar, Sandeep; Baliyan N.
2021Diverse interactions of aggregated insulin with selected coumarin dyes: Time dependent fluorogenicity, simulation studies and comparison with thioflavin TDalal S.; Das B.K.; Saini M.; Chakraborty D.; Sadhu, Kalyan Kumar
2016Growth and evolution of residual stress of AlN films on silicon (100) waferPey A.; Dutta S.; Prakash R.; Dalal S.; Raman R.; Kapoor A.K.; Kaur, Davinder
2013Optimization of physical parameters for batch mode Zn (II) ion removal from liquid phase: A potential biosorption studyMishra V.; Dalal S.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit