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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A bi-level approximation tool for the computation of FRFs in stochastic dynamic systemsChatterjee T.; Chakraborty S.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2017A Critical Assessment of Kriging Model Variants for High-Fidelity Uncertainty Quantification in Dynamics of composite ShellsMukhopadhyay T.; Chakraborty S.; Dey S.; Adhikari S.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2019A Critical Review of Surrogate Assisted Robust Design OptimizationChatterjee T.; Chakraborty S.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2017A hybrid approach for global sensitivity analysisChakraborty S.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2013A hybrid atomistic approach for the mechanics of deoxyribonucleic acid moleculesAdhikari S.; Saavedra Flores E.I.; Scarpa F.; Chowdhury, Rajib; Friswell M.I.
2020A length scale insensitive phase field model for brittle fracture of hyperelastic solidsMandal T.K.; Gupta A.; Nguyen V.P.; Chowdhury, Rajib; Vaucorbeil A.D.
2010A molecular mechanics approach for the vibration of single-walled carbon nanotubesChowdhury, Rajib; Adhikari S.; Wang C.Y.; Scarpa F.
2019A multiscale continuum model for inelastic behavior of woven compositeMadke R.R.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2010A reduced-order random matrix approach for stochastic structural dynamicsAdhikari S.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2015A semi-analytical framework for structural reliability analysisChakraborty S.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2017A surrogate based multi-fidelity approach for robust design optimizationChakraborty S.; Chatterjee T.; Chowdhury, Rajib; Adhikari S.
2016Ab initio studies of phoshorene island single electron transistorRay S.J.; Venkata Kamalakar M.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2017Adaptive Bilevel Approximation Technique for Multiobjective Evolutionary OptimizationChatterjee T.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2017Adhesion strength and nanomechanical characterization of ZnO thin filmsBhardwaj V.; Chowdhury, Rajib; Jayaganthan R.
2015Al-doped ZnO Nanostructured Thin Films: Density Functional Theory and ExperimentSarma J.V.N.; Rahman A.; Jayaganthan R.; Chowdhury, Rajib; Haranath D.
2020An auto-adaptive sub-stepping algorithm for phase-field modeling of brittle fractureGupta A.; Krishnan U.M.; Chowdhury, Rajib; Chakrabarti, Anupam
2017An efficient algorithm for building locally refined hp – adaptive H-PCFE: Application to uncertainty quantificationChakraborty S.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2009An efficient computational solution scheme of the random eigenvalue problemsChowdhury, Rajib; Adhikari S.
2017An efficient sparse Bayesian learning framework for stochastic response analysisChatterjee T.; Chowdhury, Rajib
2006An improved meshfree method for fracture analysis of cracksChowdhury, Rajib; Rao B.N.; Prasad A.M.