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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Analysis of a holey optical fiber with circularly distributed holesRastogi V.; Chiang K.S.
2003Analysis of corrugated long-period gratings in slab waveguides and their polarization dependenceLiu Q.; Chiang K.S.; Rastogi V.
2004Analysis of segmented-cladding fiber by the radial-effective-index methodRastogi V.; Chiang K.S.
2004Experimental demonstration of single-mode operation of large-core segmented cladding fiberYeung A.; Chiang K.S.; Rastogi V.; Chu P.L.; Peng G.D.
2003Holey optical fiber with circularly distributed holes analyzed by the radial effective-index methodRastogi V.; Chiang K.S.
2008Large-core single-mode channel waveguide based on geometrically shaped leaky claddingKumar A.; Rastogi V.; Chiang K.S.
2003Leaky optical fibre for large mode area singlemode operationRastogi V.; Chiang K.S.
2006Leaky optical waveguide for high power applicationsKumar A.; Rastogi V.; Chiang K.S.
2002Long-period gratings in planar optical waveguidesRastogi V.; Chiang K.S.
2003Long-period-grating waveguide filtersChiang K.S.; Lor K.P.; Chow C.K.; Chan H.P.; Rastogi V.; Chu Y.M.
2001Propagation characteristics of a segmented cladding fiberRastogi V.; Chiang K.S.
2002Soliton states in a nonlinear directional coupler with intermodal dispersionRastogi V.; Chiang K.S.; Akhmediev N.N.
2003Temperature-compensated fiber-Bragg-grating-based magnetostrictive sensor for dc and ac currentsChiang K.S.; Kancheti R.; Rastogi V.
2002Ultra-large-core single-mode fiber for optical communications: The segmented cladding fiberChiang K.S.; Rastogi V.
2003Widely tunable long-period gratings fabricated in polymer-clad ion-exchanged glass waveguidesChiang K.S.; Lor K.P.; Chow C.K.; Chan H.P.; Rastogi V.; Chu Y.M.