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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A fast alternative to three- and four-component scattering models for polarimetric SAR image decompositionMaurya H.; Chauhan A.; Panigrahi, Rajib Kumar
2014A review on Integrated Renewable Energy System based power generation for stand-alone applications: Configurations, storage options, sizing methodologies and controlChauhan A.; Saini, R. P.
2020An analytical framework for rectangular FGM tapered plate resting on the elastic foundationKumar V.; Singh S.J.; Saran, V. Huzur; Harsha, Suraj Prakash; Chauhan A.; Sehgal S.
2021Analysis of mass-separated evaporation residues formed in S 32 + Zn 70,68 fusion reactions: The special case of Ru 97,95Kumar D.; Maiti, Moumita; Prajapat R.; Chauhan A.; Biswas R.; Gehlot J.; Nath S.; Kumar R.; Madhavan N.; Jyothi G.N.; Sahoo R.N.; Shaikh M.M.; Srivastava V.
2021Crack propagation in reinforced concrete exposed to non-uniform corrosion under real climateChauhan A.; Sharma, Umesh Kumar
2016Discrete harmony search based size optimization of Integrated Renewable Energy System for remote rural areas of Uttarakhand state in IndiaChauhan A.; Saini, R. P.
2019Effect of real climate on non-uniform corrosion in reinforced concreteChauhan A.; Sharma, Umesh Kumar
2020Evaporation residue cross section in the Cl 37 + Zn 68 fusion reaction near the Coulomb barrierChauhan A.; Prajapat R.; Sarkar G.; Maiti, Moumita; Kumar R.; Malvika; Gonika; Gehlot J.; Nath S.; Parihari A.; Madhavan N.
2013Existence and uniqueness of mild solution for an impulsive neutral fractional integro-differential equation with infinite delayDabas J.; Chauhan A.
2011Existence of mild solutions for impulsive fractional-order semilinear evolution equations with nonlocal conditionsChauhan A.; Dabas J.
2011Existence of the mild solutions for impulsive fractional equations with infinite delayDabas J.; Chauhan A.; Kumar M.
2016Generating duplex microstructures by nitriding; nitriding of iron based Fe-Mn alloyMeka, Sai Ramudu; Chauhan A.; Steiner T.; Bischoff E.; Ghosh P.K.; Mittemeijer E.J.
2019Influence of temperature and relative humidity variations on non-uniform corrosion of reinforced concreteChauhan A.; Sharma, Umesh Kumar
2017Influence of various exposure conditions on the structural performance of sandwich wall panelsVishnu B.; Chauhan A.; Roy D.; Sharma, Umesh Kumar
2012Integral boundary-value problem for impulsive fractional functional differential equations with infinite delayChauhan A.; Dabas J.; Kumar M.
2014Local and global existence of mild solution to an impulsive fractional functional integro-differential equation with nonlocal conditionChauhan A.; Dabas J.
2019Measurement and analysis of excitation functions of the residues from C 12 + y 89: A major production route for Ru 97Chauhan A.; Maiti, Moumita; Lahiri S.
2020Modal analysis of functionally graded piezoelectric material platesKumar P.; Harsha, Suraj Prakash; Chauhan A.; Sehgal S.
2020Natural molecules having anti-SARS-CoV activity-cannot they be effective against SARS-CoV-2?Semwal D.K.; Chauhan A.; Semwal R.B.; Sircar, Debabrata; Roy, Partha; Lehmann J.
2019New measurement of residues from Li 7 + Ta nat reaction within 4-6.5 MeV/nucleon: Production yield for Os 183Chauhan A.; Maiti, Moumita