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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Adsorption of uranium from aqueous solution as well as seawater conditions by nitrogen-enriched nanoporous polytriazineChaudhary M.; Singh L.; Rekha P.; Srivastava V.C.; Mohanty P.
2018Chikungunya virus inhibition by peptidomimetic inhibitors targeting virus-specific cysteine proteaseSingh H.; Mudgal R.; Narwal M.; Kaur R.; Singh V.A.; Malik A.; Chaudhary M.; Tomar S.
2019Chitosan-Fe-Al-Mn metal oxyhydroxides composite as highly efficient fluoride scavenger for aqueous mediumChaudhary M.; Rawat S.; Jain N.; Bhatnagar A.; Maiti A.
2019Defluoridation by highly efficient calcium hydroxide nanorods from synthetic and industrial wastewaterChaudhary M.; Maiti A.
2021Essence of PTEN: A broad-spectrum therapeutic target in cancerRaghav M.; Sharma V.; Chaudhary M.; Tuli H.S.; Saini A.K.; Sharma A.K.
2017Estimation of water pollution and probability of health risk due to imbalanced nutrients in River Ganga, IndiaChaudhary M.; Mishra S.; Kumar A.
2020Fe–Al–Mn@chitosan based metal oxides blended cellulose acetate mixed matrix membrane for fluoride decontamination from water: Removal mechanisms and antibacterial behaviorChaudhary M.; Maiti A.
2016Synthesis of iron oxyhydroxide nanoparticles and its application for fluoride removal from waterChaudhary M.; Bhattacharya P.; Maiti A.