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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Simulation Study of Response Times in Cloud Environment for IoT-Based Healthcare WorkloadsKadarla K.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Bhardwaj T.; Chaudhary A.
2012An efficient fuzzy controller based technique for network traffic classification to improve QoSChaudhary A.; Misra, Manoj; Sardana A.
2009Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of the complex of Kunitz-type tamarind trypsin inhibitor and porcine pancreatic trypsinTomar, S.; Patil D.N.; Datta M.; Tapas S.; Preeti; Chaudhary A.; Sharma, Ashwani Kumar; Tomar, Shailly; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish
2012Development of microstructure and texture in Copper during warm accumulative roll bondingSuresh, K. S.; Sinha S.; Chaudhary A.; Suwas S.
2021Effect of ventilation on fire growth in diesel fueled compartment fireChaudhary A.; Tiwari M.K.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Kumar S.
2017Evaluation of the Soil Conservation Service curve number methodology using data from agricultural plotsLal M.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Pandey, Ashish; Pandey R.P.; Meena P.K.; Chaudhary A.; Jha R.K.; Shreevastava A.K.; Kumar Y.
2021Experimental study on burning behavior of crude karanja oil pool fireChaudhary A.; Tiwari M.K.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Kumar S.
2021Experimental Study on Elevated Methanol Pool Fires in a CompartmentTiwari M.K.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Kumar R.; Mishra R.K.; Chaudhary A.; Sharma P.K.; Revankar S.; Sen S.; Sahu D.
2014Experimental verification of the effect of slope and land use on scs runoff curve numberMishra, Surendra Kumar; Chaudhary A.; Shrestha R.K.; Pandey, Ashish; Lal M.
2021Groundwater quality issues and challenges for drinking and irrigation uses in central ganga basin dominated with rice-wheat cropping systemKumar S.; Kumar M.; Chandola V.K.; Kumar V.; Saini R.K.; Pant N.; Kumari N.; Srivastava A.; Singh S.; Singh R.; Krishan G.; Induwar S.P.; Kumar S.; Yadav, Brijesh K.; Maurya N.S.; Chaudhary A.
2021Impact of Clustering Algorithms and Energy Harvesting Scheme on IoT/WSN InfrastructuresChaudhary A.; Peddoju, Sateesh Kumar
2009Isolation, purification, crystallization and preliminary crystallographic studies of chitinase from tamarind (Tamarindus indica) seedsPatil D.N.; Datta M.; Chaudhary A.; Tomar, Shailly; Kumar Sharma A.; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish
2021Numerical Study on Crude Oil Pool Fire Behavior in an EnclosureChaudhary A.; Tiwari M.K.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Kumar S.; Revankar S.; Sen S.; Sahu D.
2021On the magnetic ground state of lead-free complex perovskite Sr(Fe1/2Nb1/2)O3Kumar, Arun; Chaudhary A.; Gautam K.; Pandey D.
2019Pool fires of jatropha biodiesel and their blends with petroleum dieselChaudhary A.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Kumar S.; Kumar R.
2018Poster: Hybrid android malware detection by combining supervised and unsupervised learningArora A.; Peddoju, Sateesh Kumar; Chouhan V.; Chaudhary A.
2013Purification and biophysical characterization of an 11s globulin from wrightia tinctoria exhibiting hemagglutinating activityKumar, P.; Patil D.N.; Chaudhary A.; Tomar, Shailly; Dinesh Yernool; Singh N.; Dasauni P.; Kundu S.; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish
2012Structural basis for dual inhibitory role of tamarind Kunitz inhibitor (TKI) against factor Xa and trypsinPatil D.N.; Chaudhary A.; Sharma, Ashwani Kumar; Tomar, Shailly; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish
2018Studies on jatropha oil pool fireChaudhary A.; Gupta, Akhilesh Kumar; Kumar S.
2017Study of Internet-of-Things Messaging Protocols Used for Exchanging Data with External SourcesChaudhary A.; Peddoju, Sateesh Kumar; Kadarla K.