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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Biofunctionalized surface-modified silver nanoparticles for gene deliverySarkar K.; Banerjee S.L.; Kundu, Patit Paban; Madras G.; Chatterjee K.
2020Evolution of Deformation Texture in Low Modulus β Ti-34Nb-2Ta-(0, 3)Zr-0.5O AlloysAcharya S.; Mishra, S.; Yazar K.U.; Chatterjee K.; Suwas S.
2019Non-equilibrium microstructure, crystallographic texture and morphological texture synergistically result in unusual mechanical properties of 3D printed 316L stainless steelBahl S.; Mishra, S.; Yazar K.U.; Kola I.R.; Chatterjee K.; Suwas S.
2021Surface mechanical attrition treatment of additively manufactured 316L stainless steel yields gradient nanostructure with superior strength and ductilityGhosh S.; Bibhanshu N.; Suwas S.; Chatterjee K.