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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20061H, 13C, and 15N chemical shift assignments of neuronal calcium sensor-1, a multi-functional calcium-binding protein [46]Mukherjee S.; Muralidhar D.; Atreya H.S.; Szyperski T.; Jeromin A.; Sharma Y.; Chary K.V.R.
2008Differential native state ruggedness of the two Ca2+-binding domains in a Ca2+ sensor proteinMohan P.M.K.; Mukherjee S.; Chary K.V.R.
2004Energetics and mechanism of Ca2+ displacement by lanthanides in a calcium binding proteinMustafi S.M.; Mukherjee S.; Chary K.V.R.; Del Bianco C.; Luchinat C.
2007Magnesium promotes structural integrity and conformational switching action of a calcium sensor proteinMukherjee S.; Mohan P.M.K.; Chary K.V.R.
2005Measurement of 1J(Ni,C? i), 1J(Ni,C?i-1), 2J(N1,C?i-1), 2J(HNi,C?i-1) and 2J(HNi,C?i) values in 13C/15N-labeled proteinsMukherjee S.; Mustafi S.M.; Atreya H.S.; Chary K.V.R.
2003Structural basis for sequential displacement of Ca2+ by Yb3+ in a protozoan EF-hand calcium binding proteinAtreya H.S.; Mukherjee S.; Chary K.V.R.; Lee Y.-M.; Luchinat C.
2006Structural basis for the observed differential magnetic anisotropic tensorial values in calcium binding proteinsMustafi S.M.; Mukherjee S.; Chary K.V.R.; Cavallaro G.
2005Structural characterization of the Apo form of a calcium binding protein from Entamoeba histolytica by hydrogen exchange and its folding to the holo stateMukherjee S.; Kuchroo K.; Chary K.V.R.