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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Adaptive thermal comfort for naturally ventilated buildings through building envelope retrofittingSharma A.; Chani P.S.; Agrawal A.; Gupta R.
2017Approaches to parameterization in architectural designAnil Kumar K.; Chani P.S.; Chakrabarti A.; Chakrabarti D.
2020Assessment of pedestrians’ travel experience at the religious city of Puri using structural equation modellingMohanty R.N.; Chani P.S.
2008Cable net facades for IndiaAggarwal S.; Prasad J.; Chani P.S.
2003Comparative analysis of embodied energy rates for walling elements in IndiaChani P.S.; Najamuddin; Kaushik S.K.
2017Design dialogue at design treeAnil Kumar K.; Chani P.S.; Chakrabarti A.; Chakrabarti D.
2012Energy performance analysis of a Hydro-turbine test lab: An architectural approachSharma A.; Chani P.S.; Dongardive A.M.; Verma H.K.
2014Energy-efficient retrofit of an unconditioned institute buildingSharma A.; Chani P.S.; Kulkarni S.Y.
2019Establishing architectural typology of eighteenth-century Bundeli gardens — characteristics and extent, with reference to the gardens of Rajnagar/KhajurahoSharma A.; Upadhyay N.; Chani P.S.
2020Evaluation of Senior Pedestrian's Travel Experience at Ekamara Kshetra BhubaneswarMohanty R.N.; Chani P.S.; Ulengin F.; Patil G.R.; Ozaydin O.; Tavasszy L.; Verma A.
2015Evaluation on Thermal Behavior of a Green Roof Retrofit System Installed on Experimental Building in Composite Climate of Roorkee, IndiaKumar A.; Deoliya R.; Chani P.S.
2013Green Building Retrofit for the Library of Indian Institute Technology, RoorkeeNaphade A.; Sharma A.; Chani P.S.; Garg P.
2019Implication of building energy modeling (BEM) and adaptive model to assess the efficiency of multi storied apartments in composite climate of north IndiaSingh S.; Chani P.S.; Kulkarni S.Y.; Nicol F.; Roaf S.; Brotas L.; Humphreys M.A.
2015Insulating materials for energy saving in buildingsKumar A.; Deoliya R.; Chani P.S.
2015Low embodied energy sustainable building materials and technologiesKumar A.; Chani P.S.; Deoliya R.
2020Measuring the impact of the built environment on pedestrians in the old Bhubaneswar precinctMohanty R.N.; Chani P.S.; Mohanta A.
2017Sense of place—A tale of two recreational parks near the Solani aqueduct in RoorkeeMohanty R.N.; Chani P.S.; Chakrabarti A.; Chakrabarti D.
2018Thermal comfort analysis of Indian subjects in multi-storeyed apartments: An adaptive approach in composite climateSingh S.; Chani P.S.