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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Adsorption of hydroquinone in aqueous solution by granulated activated carbonSuresh S.; Chandra Srivastava V.; Mani Mishra I.
2020Breakthrough modeling of furfural sorption behavior in a bagasse fly ash packed bedSingh S.; Chandra Srivastava V.; Goyal A.; Deo Mall I.
2007Kinetic and equilibrium isotherm studies for the adsorptive removal of Brilliant Green dye from aqueous solution by rice husk ashMane V.S.; Deo Mall I.; Chandra Srivastava V.
2014Removal of refractory sulfur and aromatic compounds from straight run gas oil using solvent extractionKumar S.; Chandra Srivastava V.; Nanoti S.M.; Nautiyal B.R.; Siyaram
2014Simultaneous adsorption of nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds by granular activated carbon: Parameter optimization and multicomponent isotherm modelingHiwarkar A.D.; Chandra Srivastava V.; Mall I.D.
2010Studies on biodegradation of resorcinol in sequential batch reactorSharma V.; Chandra Srivastava V.; Kushwaha J.P.; Mall I.D.
2011Studies on electrochemical treatment of dairy wastewater using aluminum electrodePrakash Kushwaha J.; Chandra Srivastava V.; Deo Mall I.
2010Treatment of dairy wastewater by inorganic coagulants: Parametric and disposal studiesKushwaha J.P.; Chandra Srivastava V.; Mall I.D.