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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Comparative Analysis of Performance of Several Wavelet Based ECG Data Compression MethodologiesChandra S.; Sharma A.; Singh G.K.
2017A computationally efficient approach for ECG signal denoising and data compressionChandra S.; Sharma A.
2011A dynamic distribution network pricing modelPadhy N.P.; Chandra S.; Bhakar R.
2016A novel approach for assessing the LOS for two-lane intercity highways under heterogeneous traffic conditionsBoora A.; Ghosh I.; Chandra S.
2019A study of solar-cycle variation of coronal rotation using the SDO/AIA 211 Å observationsSharma J.; Kumar B.; Malik A.K.; Chandra S.; Vats H.O.
1991Acceptor states in Pd/n-GaAs devices and effect of hydrogenationSrivastava P.C.; Chandra S.; Singh U.P.
1994Al/n-Si diodes with low energy (∼100 eV) hydrogen ion implantation prior to metallizationSrivastava P.C.; Colluza C.; Chandra S.; Singh U.P.
2020An advanced approach for estimation of PCU values on undivided urban roads under heterogeneous traffic conditionsBiswas S.; Chandra S.; Ghosh I.
2004Analysis of beams on reinforced granular bedsMaheshwari P.; Basudhar P.K.; Chandra S.
2019Assessment of level of service for urban signalized intersections in IndiaSaha A.; Chandra S.; Ghosh I.
2017Assessment of level of service measures for two-lane intercity highways under heterogeneous traffic conditionsBoora A.; Ghosh I.; Chandra S.
2004Behaviour of subgrade soil reinforced with geogridKamel M.A.; Chandra S.; Kumar P.
2017Clustering technique: An analytical tool in traffic engineering to evaluate the performance of two-lane highwaysBoora A.; Ghosh I.; Chandra S.
2019Coefficient Reduction Method for Stopband Ripple Minimization of IFIR FilterChandra S.; Sharma A.; Singh G.K.
2006Comparative study of different subbase materialsKumar P.; Chandra S.; Vishal R.
2020Computationally Efficient Cosine Modulated Filter Bank Design for ECG Signal CompressionChandra S.; Sharma A.; Singh G.K.
2015Construction and structural diversity of Cd-MOFs with pyrazole based flexible ligands and positional isomer of naphthalenedisulfonateSingh U.P.; Singh N.; Chandra S.
2017Delay at signalized intersections under mixed traffic conditionsSaha A.; Chandra S.; Ghosh I.
2017Denoising ECG Signal: A Review Chandra S.; Sharma A.;  Singh G. K.
2019Denoising of ECG Signal using Computationally Efficient Linear Phase FilteringChandra S.; Sharma A.; Singh G.K.