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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A cognitive based approach for building detection from high resolution satellite imagesChandra N.; Ghosh J.K.; Sharma A.
2019A cognitive framework for road detection from high-resolution satellite imagesChandra N.; Ghosh J.K.; Sharma A.
2017A cognitive method for building detection from high-resolution satellite imagesChandra N.; Ghosh J.K.
2017A cognitive method for object detection from aerial imageChandra N.; Sharma A.; Ghosh J.K.; Swaroop A.; Singh M.; Astya P.N.; Sharma V.
2017A cognitive perspective on road network extraction from high resolution satellite imagesChandra N.; Ghosh J.K.; Prakash G.L.; Verma M.; Agrawal A.
2018A Cognitive Viewpoint on Building Detection from Remotely Sensed Multispectral ImagesChandra N.; Ghosh J.K.
2013Blast wave loading pathways in heterogeneous material systems-experimental and numerical approachesSelvan V.; Ganpule S.; Kleinschmit N.; Chandra N.
2012Blast-induced biomechanical loading of the rat: An experimental and anatomically accurate computational blast injury modelSundaramurthy A.; Alai A.; Ganpule S.; Holmberg A.; Plougonven E.; Chandra N.
2010Computational simulation of the deformation of neuronal cellsCao G.; Zhou Y.; Lee J.S.; Lim J.Y.; Ganpule S.; Chandra N.
2011Dynamic response of brain subjected to blast loadings: Influence of frequency rangesChafi M.S.; Ganpule S.; Gu L.; Chandra N.
2012Evolution of blast wave profiles in simulated air blasts: Experiment and computational modelingChandra N.; Ganpule S.; Kleinschmit N.N.; Feng R.; Holmberg A.D.; Sundaramurthy A.; Selvan V.; Alai A.
2013Mechanics of blast loading on the head models in the study of traumatic brain injury using experimental and computational approachesGanpule S.; Alai A.; Plougonven E.; Chandra N.
2013Mechanics of interaction of blast waves on surrogate head: Effect of head orientationGanpule S.; Chandra N.
2010MRI-based three dimensional modeling of blast traumatic brain injury (bTBI)Ganpule S.; Gu L.; Chandra N.
2013Response of post-mortem human head under primary blast loading conditions- effect of blast overpressuresGanpule S.; Salzar R.; Chandra N.
2012Role of helmet in the mechanics of shock wave propagation under blast loading conditionsGanpule S.; Gu L.; Alai A.; Chandra N.
2010The effect of shock wave on a human headGanpule S.; Cao G.; Gu L.; Chandra N.
2012The influence of heterogeneous meninges on the brain mechanics under primary blast loadingGu L.; Chafi M.S.; Ganpule S.; Chandra N.
2001Unified theory of deformation for structural superplastics, metallic glasses and nanocrystalline materialsPadmanabhan K.A.; Daniel B.S.S.; Chandra N.