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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A bi-level approximation tool for the computation of FRFs in stochastic dynamic systemsChatterjee T.; Chakraborty S.; Chowdhury R.
2015A comparative approach of four different image registration techniques for quantitative assessment of coronary artery calcium lesions using intravascular ultrasoundAraki T.; Ikeda N.; Dey N.; Chakraborty S.; Saba L.; Kumar D.; Godia E.C.; Jiang X.; Gupta A.; Radeva P.; Laird J.R.; Nicolaides A.; Suri J.S.
2017A Critical Assessment of Kriging Model Variants for High-Fidelity Uncertainty Quantification in Dynamics of composite ShellsMukhopadhyay T.; Chakraborty S.; Dey S.; Adhikari S.; Chowdhury R.
2019A Critical Review of Surrogate Assisted Robust Design OptimizationChatterjee T.; Chakraborty S.; Chowdhury R.
2017A hybrid approach for global sensitivity analysisChakraborty S.; Chowdhury R.
2019A hybrid approach for global sensitivity analysis of FRP composite multi-bolt jointsMandal B.; Chakraborty S.; Chakrabarti A.
2015A semi-analytical framework for structural reliability analysisChakraborty S.; Chowdhury R.
2020A supervised machine learning approach to detect the On/Off state in Parkinson's disease using wearable based gait signalsAich S.; Youn J.; Chakraborty S.; Pradhan P.M.; Park J.-H.; Park S.; Park J.
2017A surrogate based multi-fidelity approach for robust design optimizationChakraborty S.; Chatterjee T.; Chowdhury R.; Adhikari S.
2017An efficient algorithm for building locally refined hp – adaptive H-PCFE: Application to uncertainty quantificationChakraborty S.; Chowdhury R.
2018Analytical moment based approximation for robust design optimizationChatterjee T.; Chakraborty S.; Chowdhury R.
2016Assessment of polynomial correlated function expansion for high-fidelity structural reliability analysisChakraborty S.; Chowdhury R.
2016Automated stratification of liver disease in ultrasound: An online accurate feature classification paradigmSaba L.; Dey N.; Ashour A.S.; Samanta S.; Nath S.S.; Chakraborty S.; Sanches J.; Kumar D.; Marinho R.; Suri J.S.
2020Design of a Machine Learning-Assisted Wearable Accelerometer-Based Automated System for Studying the Effect of Dopaminergic Medicine on Gait Characteristics of Parkinson's PatientsAich S.; Pradhan P.M.; Chakraborty S.; Kim H.-C.; Kim H.-T.; Lee H.-G.; Kim I.H.; Joo M.-I.; Jong Seong S.; Park J.
2017Galerkin based generalized ANOVA for the solution of stochastic steady state diffusion problemsChakraborty S.; Chowdhury R.
2019Graph-Theoretic-Approach-Assisted Gaussian Process for Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamic Analysis under Generalized LoadingChakraborty S.; Chowdhury R.
2017Hybrid framework for the estimation of rare failure event probabilityChakraborty S.; Chowdhury R.
2018Kriging based saturation flow models for traffic conditions in Indian citiesSaha A.; Chakraborty S.; Chandra S.; Ghosh I.
2017Kriging-based approach for estimation of vehicular speed and passenger car units on an urban arterialBiswas S.; Chakraborty S.; Chandra S.; Ghosh I.
2013Long-term changes of irrigation water requirement in the context of climatic variabilityChakraborty S.; Mishra S.K.; Pandey R.P.; Chaube U.C.