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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Combination of Cyanine Behaviour and Giant Hyperpolarisability in Novel Merocyanine Dyes: Beyond the Bond Length Alternation (BLA) ParadigmParthasarathy V.; Pandey, Ravindra; Stolte M.; Ghosh S.; Castet F.; W├╝rthner F.; Das P.K.; Blanchard-Desce M.
2014Combined transparency and optical nonlinearity enhancement in flexible covalent multimers by operating through-space interactions between dipolar chromophoresParthasarathy V.; Pandey, Ravindra; Terenziani F.; Das P.K.; Blanchard-Desce M.
2018Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Tricyanopropylidene-Based Merocyanine Dyes: Synergistic Experimental and Theoretical InvestigationsParthasarathy V.; Pandey, Ravindra; Das P.K.; Castet F.; Blanchard-Desce M.
2009Organic nanoclusters for nonlinear optics: From model systems to cooperative nanoassemblies with enhanced NLO responsesTerenziani F.; Parthasarathy V.; Ghosh S.; Pandey, Ravindra; Das P.K.; Blanchard-Desce M.
2013Strong enhancement of two-photon absorption properties in synergic 'semi-disconnected' multiporphyrin assemblies designed for combined imaging and photodynamic therapyMongin O.; Sankar, Muniappan; Charlot M.; Mir Y.; Blanchard-Desce M.
2016Unprecedented intramolecular cyclization in strongly dipolar extended merocyanine dyes: A route to novel dyes with improved transparency, nonlinear optical properties and thermal stabilityParthasarathy V.; Castet F.; Pandey, Ravindra; Mongin O.; Das P.K.; Blanchard-Desce M.