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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A new porphyrin bearing a pyridinylethynyl group as sensitizer for dye sensitized solar cellsDaphnomili D.; Sharma G.D.; Biswas S.; Justin Thomas, K. R.; Coutsolelos A.G.
2019A novel approach using low-cost Citrus limetta waste for mixotrophic cultivation of oleaginous microalgae to augment automotive quality biodiesel productionKatiyar R.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Kumar A.; Bharti R.K.; Biswas S.; Pruthi V.
2020An advanced approach for estimation of PCU values on undivided urban roads under heterogeneous traffic conditionsBiswas S.; Chandra, Satish; Ghosh, Indrajit
2012Applications of geocells in cohesionless soil an experimental studyMittal, Satyendra; Biswas S.; Singh K.
2021Azide-Coordination in Homometallic Dinuclear Lanthanide(III) Complexes Containing Nonequivalent Lanthanide Metal Ions: Zero-Field SMM Behavior in the Dysprosium AnalogueKumar P.; Biswas S.; Swain, Abinash Kumar; Acharya J.; Kumar V.; Kalita P.; Gonzalez J.F.; Cador O.; Pointillart F.; Rajaraman G.; Chandrasekhar V.
2017Biofuels and their production through different catalytic routesBiswas S.; Katiyar R.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Pruthi V.
2014Conversion of glycerol into value-added products over Cu-Ni catalyst supported on ?-Al2O3 and activated carbonPudi S.M.; Mondal T.; Biswas, Prakash; Biswas S.; Sinha, Shishir N.
2017Effect of composition and thermo-mechanical processing schedule on the microstructure, precipitation and strengthening of Nb-microalloyed steelKarmakar, Anish; Biswas S.; Mukherjee S.; Chakrabarti D.; Kumar V.
2016Effect of site-directed mutagenesis at the GGEEF domain of the biofilm forming GGEEF protein from Vibrio choleraeChouhan O.P.; Bandekar D.; Hazra M.; Baghudana A.; Hazra, Saugata; Biswas S.
2017Estimation of Vehicular Speed and Passenger Car Equivalent Under Mixed Traffic Condition Using Artificial Neural NetworkBiswas S.; Chandra, Satish; Ghosh, Indrajit
2019G-factor measurement of the 2738 keV isomer in la 135Laskar Md.S.R.; Saha S.; Palit R.; Mishra S.N.; Shimizu N.; Utsuno Y.; Ideguchi E.; Naik Z.; Babra F.S.; Biswas S.; Kumar S.; Mohanta S.K.; Palshetkar C.S.; Singh P.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra
2017Heterotrophic cultivation of microalgae in photobioreactor using low cost crude glycerol for enhanced biodiesel productionKatiyar R.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Bharti R.K.; Kumar A.; Biswas S.; Pruthi V.
2017High-spin states in Cs 133 and the shell model descriptionBiswas S.; Palit R.; Sethi J.; Saha S.; Raghav A.; Garg U.; Laskar M.S.R.; Babra F.S.; Naik Z.; Sharma S.; Deo, A. Y.; Parkar V.V.; Naidu B.S.; Donthi R.; Jadhav S.; Jain H.C.; Joshi P.K.; Sihotra S.; Kumar S.; Mehta D.; Mukherjee G.; Goswami A.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra
2017Identification of levels above 6- isomeric state in 66CuSingh P.; Palit R.; Choudhury D.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra; Biswas S.; Saha S.; Sethi J.
2017Influence of signal countdown timer on efficiency and safety at signalized intersectionsBiswas S.; Ghosh, Indrajit; Chandra, Satish
2020Intermediate structure and dipole bands in the transitional Ba 134 nucleusNeelam; Kumar S.; Devi K.R.; Kumar N.; Saha S.; Biswas S.; Singh P.; Babra F.S.; Laskar M.S.R.; Palit R.; Samanta S.; Das S.; Kumar A.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra
2014Investigation of the high spin structure of Zr 88Saha S.; Palit R.; Sethi J.; Biswas S.; Singh P.; Trivedi T.; Choudhury D.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra
2017Kriging-based approach for estimation of vehicular speed and passenger car units on an urban arterialBiswas S.; Chakraborty S.; Chandra, Satish; Ghosh, Indrajit
2021Lambert W based speed reduction model in presence of pedestrian movements: Case studies on undivided streetsThakur S.; Maurya S.; Chandra, Satish; Biswas S.
2018Lambert W function based semi-analytical framework for estimation of speed and passenger car unitBiswas S.; Chandra, Satish; Ghosh, Indrajit; Ricci S.; Brebbia C.A.