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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A novel one-step synthesis of PEG passivated multicolour fluorescent carbon dots for potential biolabeling applicationSachdev A.; Matai I.; Kumar S.U.; Bhushan B.; Dubey P.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2014Antibacterial activity and mechanism of Ag-ZnO nanocomposite on S. aureus and GFP-expressing antibiotic resistant E. coliMatai I.; Sachdev A.; Dubey P.; Uday Kumar S.; Bhushan B.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2015Antioxidant nanozyme: A facile synthesis and evaluation of the reactive oxygen species scavenging potential of nanoceria encapsulated albumin nanoparticlesBhushan B.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2017Bioactive carbon dots lights up microtubules and destabilises cell cytoskeletal framework – A robust imaging agent with therapeutic activityKumar S.U.; Bhushan B.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2016Biomimetic nanomaterials: Development of protein coated nanoceria as a potential antioxidative nano-agent for the effective scavenging of reactive oxygen species in vitro and in zebrafish modelBhushan B.; Nhagopal S.; Rajesh Kannan R.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2015Bionanotherapeutics: Niclosamide encapsulated albumin nanoparticles as a novel drug delivery system for cancer therapyBhushan B.; Dubey P.; Kumar S.U.; Sachdev A.; Matai I.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2019Characterization of difference in structure and function of fresh and mastitic bovine milk fat globulesVerma A.; Ghosh T.; Bhushan B.; Packirisamy G.; Navani, Naveen Kumar; Sarangi, Pranita P.; Ambatipudi, Kiran S.
2014Differentially cross-linkable core-shell nanofibers for tunable delivery of anticancer drugs: Synthesis, characterization and their anticancer efficacyUday Kumar S.; Matai I.; Dubey P.; Bhushan B.; Sachdev A.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2017Effect of climate variability on growth, yield and quality of Kinnow mandarinDolkar D.; Bakshi P.; Wali V.K.; Khushu M.K.; Singh M.; Bhushan B.; Shah R.A.
2016Electrophoretic deposition of hydroxyapatite coating on Mg-3Zn alloy for orthopaedic applicationManoj Kumar R.; Kuntal K.K.; Singh S.; Gupta P.; Bhushan B.; Gopinath, Packirisamy; Lahiri, Debrupa
2014Ferritin nanocages: A novel platform for biomedical applicationsBhushan B.; Kumar S.U.; Matai I.; Sachdev A.; Dubey P.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2017Impact of albumin based approaches in nanomedicine: Imaging, targeting and drug deliveryBhushan B.; Khanadeev V.; Khlebtsov B.; Khlebtsov N.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2016Multifunctional carbon dots as efficient fluorescent nanotags for tracking cells through successive generationsBhushan B.; Kumar S.U.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2015Perturbation of cellular mechanistic system by silver nanoparticle toxicity: Cytotoxic, genotoxic and epigenetic potentialsDubey P.; Matai I.; Kumar S.U.; Sachdev A.; Bhushan B.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2017Prodrug encapsulated albumin nanoparticles as an alternative approach to manifest anti-proliferative effects of suicide gene therapyTirkey B.; Bhushan B.; Uday Kumar S.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2015Silver-nanoparticle-Incorporated composite nanofibers for potential wound-dressing applicationsDubey P.; Bhushan B.; Sachdev A.; Matai I.; Uday Kumar S.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2016Strengthening of Mg based alloy through grain refinement for orthopaedic applicationNayak S.; Bhushan B.; Jayaganthan R.; Gopinath, Packirisamy; Agarwal R.D.; Lahiri, Debrupa
2016Therapeutic Nanozyme: Antioxidative and cytoprotective effects of nanoceria against hydrogen peroxide induced oxidative stress in fibroblast cells and in zebrafishBhushan B.; Nhagopal S.; Kannan R.R.; Gopinath, Packirisamy
2015Tumor-targeted folate-decorated albumin-stabilised silver nanoparticles induce apoptosis at low concentration in human breast cancer cellsBhushan B.; Gopinath, Packirisamy