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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A comprehensive characterization of novel CYP-BM3 homolog (CYP-BA) from Bacillus aryabhattaiBhattacharya S.; Nautiyal A.K.; Bhattacharjee R.; Padhi A.K.; Junghare V.; Bhambri M.; Dasgupta D.; Zhang K.Y.J.; Ghosh D.; Hazra, Saugata
2019A Hybrid 7-Level Inverter Using Low-Voltage Devices and Operation with Single DC-LinkYadav, Apurv Kumar; Gopakumar K.; Krishna Raj R.; Umanand L.; Bhattacharya S.; Jarzyna W.
2018A hybrid seven level inverter topology formed by cascading T-type and active neutral point clamped inverter for induction motor drivesYadav, Apurv Kumar; Gopakumar K.; Krishna Raj R.; Umanand L.; Bhattacharya S.; Jarzyna W.
2009A reduced switch transformer-less dual hybrid active power filterBhattacharya, Avik; Chakraborty C.; Bhattacharya S.
2000A thyrotropin-like molecule from the pituitary of an Indian freshwater murrel: Comparison of its biological activity with other thyrotropinsRoy, Partha; Chatterjee A.; Pratim Banerjee P.; Bhattacharya S.
2016An alternative process for nitric oxide and hydrogen production using metal oxidesThengane, Sonal K.; Bandyopadhyay S.; Mitra S.; Bhattacharya S.; Hoadley A.
2004An Entamoeba histolytica Line/Sine Pair Inserts at Common Target Sites Cleaved by the Restriction Enzyme-Like Line-Encoded EndonucleaseMandal, Prabhat Kumar; Bagchi A.; Bhattacharya A.; Bhattacharya S.
2020An insight into the complete biophysical and biochemical characterization of novel class A beta-lactamase (Bla1) from Bacillus anthracisBhattacharya S.; Junghare V.; Pandey N.K.; Ghosh D.; Patra H.; Hazra, Saugata
2012An insilico approach to structural elucidation of 3-deoxy-d-arabino- heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase from Arabidopsis thaliana: Hints for herbicide designBhattacharya S.; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish
2021Anti-hypertensive Peptide Predictor: A Machine Learning-Empowered Web Server for Prediction of Food-Derived Peptides with Potential Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme-I Inhibitory ActivityKalyan G.; Junghare V.; Khan M.F.; Pal S.; Bhattacharya S.; Guha S.; Majumder K.; Chakrabarty S.; Hazra, Saugata
2015Assessment of in vivo chronic toxicity of chitosan and its derivates used as oral insulin carriersMukhopadhyay P.; Bhattacharya S.; Nandy A.; Bhattacharyya A.; Mishra R.; Kundu, Patit Paban
1995Bioactive forms of gonadotropin releasing hormone in the brain of an Indian major carp, Catla catla (Ham.)Halder S.; Roy, Partha; Chatterjee A.; Bhattacharya S.
2018Cadherin profiling for therapeutic interventions in Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) and tumorigenesisPal M.; Bhattacharya S.; Kalyan G.; Hazra, Saugata
2009Characterization of the restriction enzyme-like endonuclease encoded by the Entamoeba histolytica non-long terminal repeat retrotransposon EhLINE1Yadav V.P.; Mandal, Prabhat Kumar; Rao D.N.; Bhattacharya S.
2004Confinement in silicon nanowires: Optical propertiesBhattacharya S.; Banerjee, Debasis; Adu K.W.; Samui S.; Bhattacharyya S.
2014Cost-benefit analysis of different hydrogen production technologies using AHP and Fuzzy AHPThengane, Sonal K.; Hoadley A.; Bhattacharya S.; Mitra S.; Bandyopadhyay S.
2016Dielectric, magnetic and electrical properties of Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 - CoMn0.2Fe1.8O4 compositesKumar Y.; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar; Chitra R.; Bhattacharya S.; Sahoo N.K.
2014Efficient oral insulin delivery by dendronized chitosan: In vitro and in vivo studiesMukhopadhyay P.; Sarkar K.; Bhattacharya S.; Mishra R.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2016Exergy efficiency improvement in hydrogen production process by recovery of chemical energy versus thermal energyThengane, Sonal K.; Hoadley A.; Bhattacharya S.; Mitra S.; Bandyopadhyay S.
2013Fatigue crack growth simulations of interfacial cracks in bi-layered FGMs using XFEMBhattacharya S.; Singh I.V.; Mishra, B. K.; Bui T.Q.