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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Absolute 'Two measurement' vs Relative quantum yield measurement techniques:An experimental analysisBhatt A.N.; Verma U.K.; Kumar, Brijesh
2018Impact of Capture/Emission Time Constant at Donor-Acceptor Interface on Current-Voltage Characteristics of Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Quantum Dot Solar CellsVerma U.K.; Bhatt A.N.; Kumar, Brijesh
2019Impact of size and shape on trap state controlled luminescence properties of trioctylphosphinecapped cadmium selenide quantum dotsBhatt A.N.; Verma U.K.; Kumar, Brijesh
2019Performance Optimization of p-n Junction Solar cells with Device ArchitectureVerma U.K.; Bhatt A.N.; Joshi M.; Kumar, Brijesh
2018Study of variation in thickness of poly(n-vinylcarbazole) [PVK] thin films in different solvents for static dispense spin coating methodSharma M.; Bhatt A.N.; Kumar, Brijesh; Sarkar M.; Chakrabarty R.; Taki G.S.; Chakrabarti S.