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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Ability, willingness and information & communication technology: Means to uplift bottom of the pyramid.Bharti K.; Sharma V.; Agrawal R.
2018Embrace, before it is too late! Prediction of future studies on value co-creationBharti K.; Agrawal, Rajat; Sharma, Vinay Kumar
2021Green Synthesis of Luminescent Gold-Zinc Oxide Nanocomposites: Cell Imaging and Visible Light–Induced Dye DegradationBharti K.; Lone S.A.; Singh A.; Nathani S.; Roy, Partha; Sadhu, Kalyan Kumar
2018High customer involvement: An essential element for effective co-creationBharti K.; Agrawal, Rajat
2015Literature Review and Proposed Conceptual FrameworkBharti K.; Agrawal, Rajat; Sharma, Vinay Kumar
2016Modelling the drivers for rural (emerging) markets: A case of India.Sengar A.; Agrawal R.; Sharma V.; Bharti K.
2014Prioritisation of barriers to rural markets: Integrating fuzzy logic and AHPSengar A.; Sharma V.; Agrawal R.; Bharti K.
2015Value co-creation: Literature review and proposed conceptual frameworkBharti K.; Agrawal, Rajat; Sharma, Vinay Kumar
2016Values based business ethics along the entire value chain-a demonstration of the definition of marketing.Sharma V.; Sengar A.; Agrawal R.; Bharti K.
2014What drives the customer of world's largest market to participate in value co-creation?Bharti K.; Agrawal, Rajat; Sharma, Vinay Kumar