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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Cavitation resistance of concrete containing different material propertiesRamesh Kumar G.B.; Bhardwaj A.; Sharma U.K.
2016Changing climate and glacio-hydrology in Indian Himalayan Region: A reviewSingh S.; Kumar R.; Bhardwaj A.; Sam L.; Shekhar M.; Singh A.; Kumar R.; Gupta A.
2016Development of a Glacio-hydrological Model for Discharge and Mass Balance ReconstructionKumar R.; Singh S.; Kumar R.; Singh A.; Bhardwaj A.; Sam L.; Randhawa S.S.; Gupta A.
2019Elderly friendly visual communication design: A user-centric approach for guideline formulationBhardwaj A.; Kolay S.; Chakrabarti A.
2019Generation of high-quality digital elevation models by assimilation of remote sensing-based DEMsBhardwaj A.; Jain K.; Chatterjee R.S.
2019Hydro-geochemical analysis of meltwater draining from Bilare Banga glacier, Western HimalayaKumar R.; Kumar R.; Singh A.; Singh S.; Bhardwaj A.; Kumari A.; Sinha R.K.; Gupta A.
2017Influence of various material parameters on abrasion resistance of concrete by sand-blastingKumar G.B. R.; Sharma U.K.; Bhardwaj A.
2019Reduced graphene oxide (RGO)-induced compatibilization and reinforcement of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)–thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) binary polymer blendBera M.; Saha U.; Bhardwaj A.; Maji P.K.