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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A closed form reduced order electrochemical model for lithium-ion cellsSharma A.K.; Basu S.; Hariharan K.S.; Adiga S.P.; Kolake S.M.; Song T.; Sung Y.
2005A critique of the ICOLD method for selecting earthquake ground motions to design large damsShrikhande M.; Basu S.
1994An investigation into the various aspects of softening of inferior grades of jute fibreBanerjee A.K.; Chakraborty T.N.; Sarkar A.; Sanyal D.P.; Basu S.; Ghosh U.K.; Dutta A.K.
2015Enhanced bioremediation of BTEX contaminated groundwater in pot-scale wetlandsBasu S.; Yadav B.K.; Mathur S.
2017First principles study of transport gap in zircon and scheelite type of GdCrO4Ray A.; Maitra T.; Singh S.; Basu S.; Bhattacharya S.; Das A.
2020In Situ Bioremediation of Toluene-Polluted Vadose Zone: Integrated Column and Wetland StudyBasu S.; Yadav B.K.; Mathur S.; Gupta P.K.
2016Microwave-assisted synthesis of porous Mn 2 O 3 nanoballs as bifunctional electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and evolution reactionGhosh S.; Kar P.; Bhandary N.; Basu S.; Sardar S.; Maiyalagan T.; Majumdar D.; Bhattacharya S.K.; Bhaumik A.; Lemmens P.; Pal S.K.
2013Optimization and Kinetics of Furfural Oxidation to Furoic Acid Over Alum-impregnated Activated AluminaKumar N.S.; Srivastava V.C.; Basu S.
2017Orbital ordering in MnV2O4 from ab-initio phonon and Raman scattering studyDey D.; Maitra T.; Taraphder A.; Singh S.; Basu S.; Bhattacharya S.; Das A.
2017Reduced graphene oxide supported hierarchical flower like manganese oxide as efficient electrocatalysts toward reduction and evolution of oxygenGhosh S.; Kar P.; Bhandary N.; Basu S.; Maiyalagan T.; Sardar S.; Pal S.K.
2014Remediation of lnapl contaminated groundwater using plant-assisted biostimulation and bioaugmentation methodsYadav B.K.; Ansari F.A.; Basu S.; Mathur A.
2004Strong motion versus weak motion: Implications for microzonation studiesShrikhande M.; Basu S.
2017Structural study of Co doped MnV2O4 from first principlesKrishna J.; Maitra T.; Singh S.; Basu S.; Bhattacharya S.; Das A.