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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A 4:1 stoichiometric binding and stabilization of mitoxantrone-parallel stranded G-quadruplex complex established by spectroscopy techniquesPradeep T.P.; Barthwal, Ritu.
1992A 500 MHz proton NMR study of interaction of tripeptides Lys-Tyr-Lys and Lys-Phe-Lys with deoxydinucleotide d-CpGBarthwal, Ritu.; Kukreti S.; Mujeeb A.
1991A 500 MHz proton NMR study of stacking interactions: binding of tripeptide Lys-Tyr-Lys to tetradeoxynucleotide d-GpCpGpCBarthwal, Ritu.; Mujeeb A.; Kukreti S.; Gupta A.; Govil G.
1994A 500 MHz proton NMR study of the conformation of adriamycinBarthwal, Ritu.; Srivastava N.; Sharma U.; Govil G.
1993A 500 MHz proton NMR study of the interaction of the tripeptide Lys-Tyr-Lys with the tetradeoxynucleotides d-CpCpGpG and d-CpGpCpGBarthwal, Ritu.; Kukreti S.; Mujeeb A.; Govil G.
1996A proton nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of the conformation of daunomycinBarthwal, Ritu.; Mujeeb A.; Srivastava N.; Sharma U.
2012A qualitative and quantitative assay to study DNA/drug interaction based on sequence selective inhibition of restriction endonucleasesHassan S.A.; Chauhan L.; Barthwal, Ritu.; Dixit A.
2019Affinity of Anticancer Drug Daunomycin toward Tetrahymena Telomeric G-Quadruplex DNA D-[GGGG(TTGGGG) 3 ]Tariq Z.; Barthwal, Ritu.
2012Aqueous bark extract of Cinnamomum zeylanicum: A potential therapeutic agent for streptozotocin- induced type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) ratsHassan S.A.; Barthwal, Ritu.; Nair, Maya S.; Haque S.S.
2019Binding of anticancer drug adriamycin to parallel G-quadruplex DNA [d-(TTAGGGT)]4 comprising human telomeric DNA leads to thermal stabilization: A multiple spectroscopy studyRaje S.; Pandav K.; Barthwal, Ritu.
2018Binding of anticancer drug daunomycin to parallel G-quadruplex DNA [d-(TTGGGGT)]4 leads to thermal stabilization: A multispectroscopic investigationTariq Z.; Barthwal, Ritu.
2016Binding of the alkaloid coralyne to parallel G-quadruplex DNA [d(TTGGGGT)]4 studied by multi-spectroscopic techniquesPadmapriya K.; Barthwal, Ritu.
2012DNA binding studies of vinca alkaloids: Experimental and computational evidencePandya P.; Gupta S.P.; Pandav K.; Barthwal, Ritu.; Jayaram B.; Kumar S.
2019Dual mode of binding of anti cancer drug epirubicin to G-quadruplex [d-(TTAGGGT)]4 containing human telomeric DNA sequence induces thermal stabilizationRaje S.; Pandav K.; Barthwal, Ritu.
2013Interaction of anticancer drug mitoxantrone with DNA hexamer sequence d-(CTCGAG)2 by absorption, fluorescence and circular dichroism spectroscopyDogra S.; Awasthi P.; Nair, Maya S.; Barthwal, Ritu.
1994Interaction of daunomycin with deoxydinucleotide d-CpG by two-dimensional proton magnetic resonance techniquesBarthwal, Ritu.; Mujeeb A.; Govil G.
1987Interaction of tryptophan containing oligopeptide with d-CpGpCpG by proton NMR.Barthwal, Ritu.; Agarwal A.; Kukreti S.; Mujeeb A.
2011Modeling of HIV-1 TAR RNA-ligand complexesMitrasinovic P.M.; Tomar J.S.; Nair, Maya S.; Barthwal, Ritu.
2011Molecular modeling study of interaction of anthracenedione class of drug mitoxantrone and its analogs with DNA tetrameric sequencesAwasthi P.; Dogra S.; Awasthi L.K.; Barthwal, Ritu.; Arabnia H.R.; Tran Q.N.
2019Molecular recognition of 3 + 1 hybrid human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA d-[AGGG(TTAGGG)3] by anticancer drugs epirubicin and adriamycin leads to thermal stabilizationRaje S.; Barthwal, Ritu.