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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A novel feature descriptor for image retrieval by combining modified color histogram and diagonally symmetric co-occurrence texture patternBhunia A.K.; Bhattacharyya A.; Banerjee P.; Pratim Roy, Partha; Murala S.
2008Coulomb dissociation of Li9 and the rate of the 8Li(n,γ)9Li reactionBanerjee P.; Chatterjee, Rajdeep; Shyam R.
2011Crustal configuration of the Northwest Himalaya based on modeling of gravity dataChamoli, Ashutosh; Pandey A.K.; Dimri V.P.; Banerjee P.
2010Distribution grid voltage control using cascaded multi-level inverter-based static synchronous compensatorBanerjee P.; Das, Biswarup; Agarwal, Pramod
2001Four-body DWBA calculations of the Coulomb breakup of 6HeChatterjee, Rajdeep; Banerjee P.; Shyam R.
2018Local Neighborhood Intensity Pattern–A new texture feature descriptor for image retrievalBanerjee P.; Bhunia A.K.; Bhattacharyya A.; Pratim Roy, Partha; Murala S.
2000Projectile structure effects in the Coulomb breakup of one-neutron halo nucleiChatterjee, Rajdeep; Banerjee P.; Shyam R.
2008Rate of the 8Li(n,γ)9Li reaction from the Coulomb dissociation of 9LiShyam R.; Banerjee P.; Chatterjee, Rajdeep
2018Rotational band on a three-quasineutron isomer in Xe 127Chakraborty S.; Sharma H.P.; Tiwary S.S.; Majumder C.; Banerjee P.; Ganguly S.; Rai S.; Pragati; Modi S.; Arumugam, Paramasivan; Mayank; Kumar S.; Palit R.; Kumar A.; Bhattacharjee S.S.; Singh R.P.; Muralithar S.
2008Satellite detection of earthquake thermal infrared precursors in IranSaraf, Arun Kumar; Rawat V.; Banerjee P.; Choudhury S.; Panda S.K.; Dasgupta S.; Das, Josodhir D.
2020Signature splitting in the positive parity bands of 127XeChakraborty S.; Sharma H.P.; Tiwary S.S.; Majumder C.; Banerjee P.; Ganguly S.; Rai S.; Popli P.; Modi S.; Arumugam, Paramasivan; Singh M.; Kumar S.; Kumar A.; Bhattacharjee S.S.; Singh R.P.; Muralithar S.; Palit R.
2018Staff line Removal using Generative Adversarial NetworksKonwer A.; Bhunia A.K.; Bhowmick A.; Bhunia A.K.; Banerjee P.; Pratim Roy, Partha; Pal U.
2020Structure of positive parity states in 139PmTiwary S.S.; Sharma H.P.; Chakraborty S.; Majumder C.; Gupta A.K.; Modi S.; Arumugam, Paramasivan; Banerjee P.; Ganguly S.; Devi K.R.; Neelam; Kumar S.; Chamoli S.K.; Sharma A.; Jyothi V.V.; Mayank; Kumar A.; Bhattacharjee S.S.; Bala I.; Muralithar S.; Singh R.P.
2001Structure of the exotic nucleus 14B in the ground stateChatterjee, Rajdeep; Banerjee P.
2004Unusual reduction of ammonium heptamolybdate to novel molybdenum(IV)- stabilized azo anion radical complexesBandyopadhyay, Anasuya; Banerjee P.; Lee G.-H.; Peng S.-M.; Hung C.-H.; Goswami S.