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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Art of petrography: Eyes of a petrographer and mind of a petrologistSensarma S.; Banerjee M.; Saha, Lopamudra; Udayaganesan P.
2010Ground Rupturing Due to Entrapped Air/Gas in the Unconfined ZoneBanerjee M.; Singh V. P.; Singh H. N.; Shankar D.; Sunjay; Singh U. S.
2021Mathematical modeling of metro train-induced vibrations using finite element methodKedia N.K.; Kumar A.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Sapountzakis E.J.; Biswas P.; Banerjee M.; Inan E.
2008Spurt of Geosignatures Signifying Possible Precursors to a Major Earthquake in Southwestern Indian PeninsulaSingh H. N.; Shanker D.; Neelakandan V. N.; Mathai J.; Singh V. P.; Banerjee M.
2007Upper mantle instability and seismic activity of Kutch and adjoining areas with special reference to Bhuj earthquake of 2001, Gujarat, India - A petrologic modelSingh V.P.; Shanker, Dayasfeq; Singh H.N.; Banerjee M.
2009Well function curves for different geometric situations in a large-diameter wellBanerjee M.; Chandra P.; Shanker, Dayasfeq; Singh H.; Singh V.
2007Would it have been possible to Predict October 08, 2005 Kashmir Earthquake? Possibility of another Earthquake in HimalayasShanker D.; Papadimitriou E. E.; Banerjee M.; Paudyal Harihar; Singh H.N.; Singh V.P.