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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Conceptual Numerical Model to Simulate Aquifer ParametersBanerjee, Pallavi; Vedanti N.; Singh V.S.
2014Application of ANN in sketching spatial nonlinearity of unconfined aquifer in agricultural basinBanerjee, Pallavi; Rangarajan R.
2011Application of drastic model and GIS: For assessing vulnerability in hard rock granitic aquiferPrasad R.K.; Singh V.S.; Krishnamacharyulu S.K.G.; Banerjee, Pallavi
2011Artificial neural network model as a potential alternative for groundwater salinity forecastingBanerjee, Pallavi; Singh V.S.; Chatttopadhyay K.; Chandra P.C.; Singh B.
2008Characterization of an island aquifer from tidal responseBanerjee, Pallavi; Sarwade D.; Singh V.S.
2008Deciphering potential groundwater zone in hard rock through the application of GISPrasad R.K.; Mondal N.C.; Banerjee, Pallavi; Nandakumar M.V.; Singh V.S.
2009Forecasting of groundwater level in hard rock region using artificial neural networkBanerjee, Pallavi; Prasad R.K.; Singh V.S.
2012Hydrochemical analysis to evaluate the seawater ingress in a small coral island of IndiaBanerjee, Pallavi; Singh V.S.; Singh A.; Prasad R.K.; Rangarajan R.
2013Hydrochemical evidences: Vulnerability of atoll aquifers in Western Indian Ocean to climate changeBanerjee, Pallavi; Singh V.S.
2011Optimization of pumping rate and recharge through numerical modeling with special reference to small coral island aquiferBanerjee, Pallavi; Singh V.S.
2012Statistical Approach for Comprehensive Planning of Watershed Development Through Artificial RechargeBanerjee, Pallavi; Singh V.S.
2010Vulnerability of groundwater in an industrial (Bauxite) valley of Lanjigarh (Orissa), IndiaSingh V.S.; Prasad R.K.; Banerjee, Pallavi