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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A fossil mammal from marine Eocene strata (Jaintia Group) of the Mikir Hills, Assam, northeastern India.Whiso K.; Tiwari B. N.; Bajpai S.; Cooper L. N.; Thewissen J. G. M.
2000A new fauna of Late Cretaceous non-marine Ostracoda from the Deccan Intertrappean beds of Lakshmipur, Kachchh (Kutch) District, Gujurat, western India.Whatley R.; Bajpai S.
1987A new sirenian from the Miocene of Kachchh.Bajpai S.; Singh M.P.; Singh P.
2010Additions to Palaeocarpilius rugifer Stoliczka from the Oligocene of Kutch, western India.Vega F. J.; Tiwari J. K.; Bajpai S.
2008Age-diagnostic dinoflagellate cysts from the lignite-bearing sediments of the Vastan lignite mine, Surat District, Gujarat, western India.Garg R.; Ateequzzaman K.; Prasad V.; Tripathi S.K.M.; Singh I.B.; Jauhri A.K.; Bajpai S.
2007An early Eocene palaeopheid snake from Vastan lignite mine, Gujarat, India.Bajpai S.; Head J. J.
2018An empirical test of the select multifactor asset pricing models with GMMBajpai S.; Sharma A.K.
2009An unusual specimen of the Eocene whale Remingtonocetus (Cetacea, Mammalia) from Kutch, India.Das D. P.; Bajpai S.; Thewissen J. G. M.; Mishra V. P.
2020Biostratigraphy, palaeoenvironment and sea level changes during pre-collisional (Palaeocene) phase of the Indian plate: palynological evidence from Akli Formation in Giral Lignite Mine, Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, Western India.Prasad V.; Uddandam P.R.; Agrawal S.; Bajpai S.; Singh I.B.; Mishra A.K.; Sharma A.; Kumar M.; Verma P.
2009Biotic perspective of the Deccan volcanism and India-Asia collision: Recent advances. In: Current trends in Science, Platinum Jubilee Special publicationBajpai S.
2009Creodont and condylarth from Cambay Shale (early Eocene, ~55-54 Ma), Vastan Lignite Mine, Gujarat, western India.Bajpai S.; Kapur V. V.; Thewissen J. G. M.
2008Earliest Cenozoic frogs from the Indian subcontinent: implications for out-of-India hypothesis.Bajpai S.; Kapur V. V.
2005Early Eocene land mammals from Vastan lignite mine, District Surat (Gujarat), western India. JBajpai S.; Kapur V.V.; Das D. P.; Tiwari B. N.; Saravanan N.; Sharma R.
2005Early Eocene primates from Vastan lignite mine, Gujarat, western India.Bajpai S.; Kapur V.V.; Thewissen J. G. M.; Tiwari B. N.; Das D. P.; Sharma R.; Saravanan N.
2007Early Eocene rodents (Mammalia) from Vastan lignite mine, Gujarat, western India.Bajpai S.; Das D. P.; Kapur V.V.; Tiwari B. N.; Srivastava S. S.
2003Early Eocene snakes from Kutch, Western India, with a review of the Palaeophiidae.Rage J.-C.; Bajpai S.; Thewissen J. G. M.; Tiwari B. N.
2001Erosion of Deccan Traps determined by river geochemistry: Impact on the global climate and the 87Sr/86Sr ratio of seawaterDessert C.; Dupré B.; François L.M.; Schott J.; Gaillardet J.; Chakrapani, Govind Joseph; Bajpai S.
2006Extensive endemism among the Maastrichtian non-marine Ostracoda of India with implications for palaeobiogeography and “Out of India” dispersal.Whatley R.; Bajpai S.
2005First cricetid rodent (mammalian) from the Ladakh Molasse, Northwestern Himalaya, India: Age implications.Prasad G. V.R.; Bajpai S.; Singh S.; Parmar V.
2005First fossil marsupials from India: Early Eocene Indodelphis n. gen. and Jaegeria n. gen. from Vastan lignite mine, District Surat, Gujarat.Bajpai S.; Kapur V.V.; Thewissen J. G. M.; Tiwari B. N.; Das D. P.