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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Hydrate phase equilibrium of ternary gas mixtures containing carbon dioxide, hydrogen and propaneBabu P.; Yang T.; Veluswamy, Hari Prakash; Kumar R.; Linga P.
2016Rapid methane hydrate formation to develop a cost effective large scale energy storage systemVeluswamy, Hari Prakash; Wong A.J.H.; Babu P.; Kumar R.; Kulprathipanja S.; Rangsunvigit P.; Linga P.
2017Study of one dimensional conduction heat transfer for constant thermal conductivity through composite plane slab and in cylinder at steady state conditionJaivignesh J.; Menon S.; Gadhwala S.; Prakash V.; Punnus B.; Kandunoori A.; Babu P.; Sreekumar R.; Govind A.G.; Kumar, Praveen Kishore