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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An anomalous interlayer exciton in MoS2Azhikodan D.; Nautiyal, Tashi; Shallcross S.; Sharma S.
2017Enormous excitonic effects in bulk, mono- and bi- layers of cuprous halides using many-body perturbation techniqueAzhikodan D.; Nautiyal, Tashi
2014Excitonic effects in bulk CuBr using time dependent DFTAzhikodan D.; Sharma S.; Nautiyal, Tashi
2016Pressure dependence of band-gap and phase transitions in bulk CuX (X = Cl, Br, I)Azhikodan D.; Nautiyal, Tashi; Sharma S.; Shekhawat M.S.; Bhardwaj S.; Suthar B.
2015Time dependent DFT study of structural and optical properties of bulk CuClAzhikodan D.; Sharma S.; Nautiyal, Tashi; Chitra R.; Sahoo N.K.; Bhattacharyya D.