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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Concealed thrusts in the Middle Gangetic plain, India - A ground penetrating radar study proves the truth against the geomorphic features supporting normal faultingPati, Pitambar; Parkash B.; Awasthi A.K.; Acharya V.; Singh S.
2009Detrital-zircon fission-track ages from the lower cenozoic sediments, NW Himalayan foreland basin: Clues for exhumation and denudation of the Himalaya during the India-Asia collisionJain A.K.; Lal N.; Sulemani B.; Awasthi A.K.; Singh, Sandeep; Kumar R.; Kmnar D.
2018Holocene tectono-geomorphic evolution of Haryana plains, Western Ganga plain, IndiaPati, Pitambar; Acharya V.; Verma A.K.; Patel N.K.; Jakhmola R.P.; Dash C.; Sharma V.; Gupta A.; Parkash B.; Awasthi A.K.
2011Holocene tectono-geomorphic evolution of parts of the Upper and Middle Gangetic plains, IndiaPati, Pitambar; Parkash B.; Awasthi A.K.; Acharya V.
2019Influence of neotectonism on geomorphology and depositional architecture of the Gandak megafan, middle Ganga plain, IndiaPati, Pitambar; Verma A.K.; Dash C.; Patel N.K.; Gupta A.; Sharma V.; Jakhmola R.P.; Parkash B.; Awasthi A.K.; Saraf, Arun Kumar
2013On generalized nega–Hadamard transformChaturvedi A.; Gangopadhyay, Aditi Kar; Singh K.; Awasthi A.K.
2013On second-order nonlinearities of two classes of cubic Boolean functionsSingh D.; Bhaintwal, Maheshanand; Singh K.; Awasthi A.K.
2007On the efficacy of Jabalpur water supply systemsTignath S.; Jha Medha J; Mishra S.K.; Chaube U.C.; Awasthi A.K.
2012Spatial and temporal distribution of inland fans/terminal fans between the Ghaghara and Kosi rivers indicate eastward shift of neotectonic activities along the Himalayan front. A study from parts of the upper and middle Gangetic plains, IndiaPati, Pitambar; Parkash B.; Awasthi A.K.; Jakhmola R.P.
2015Terminal fans and the Ganga plain tectonism: A study of neotectonism and segmentation episodes of the Indo-Gangetic foreland basin, IndiaPati, Pitambar; Pradhan R.M.; Dash C.; Parkash B.; Awasthi A.K.
2009Use of digital elevation models and drainage patterns for locating active faults in the Upper Gangetic Plain, IndiaBhosle B.; Parkash B.; Awasthi A.K.; Pati, Pitambar