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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Effect of proton exchange on periodically poled ferroelectric domains in lithium tantalateRastogi, Vipul K.; Baldi P.; Aboud I.; Aschieri P.; De Micheli M.P.; Ostrowsky D.B.; Meyn J.P.
1999Experimental observation of modes in periodically segmented waveguideAschieri P.; Chanvillard L.; Baldi P.; De Micheli M.P.; Ostrsowsky D.B.; Bellanca G.; Bassi P.; Thyagarajan K.; Shenoy M.R.; Rastogi, Vipul K.
2017Mode group specific amplification length in an asymmetric LPG assisted few-mode EDFARastogi, Vipul K.; Gaur A.; Aschieri P.; Dussardier B.
2014Original amplifier for mode division multiplexing based on dual core erbium-doped fibre and asymmetric long-period-grating convertersRastogi, Vipul K.; Gaur A.; Aschieri P.; Dussardier B.